The Moment is Right

This is to my immediate family as well as to all of you – my cyber family!!  Thank you for all of the support you have given us over the past year (or I should say the past 4 years!!)  I love and appreciate you all.  May God bless you richly, keep you safely in the palm of His hand and grant you the Merriest Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – along with a Happy New Year too 🙂  xxxxxxxxxxxxx o

(BTW:  Mark just got his third opinion last week, that doctor concurred with the first two and their diagnosis. 😦  BUT, we will not allow it to dampen our Holidays.  I plan on enjoying however much time God grants us together; hoping and praying for another miracle Christmas like the one He gave us a few years back when my brother wasn’t supposed to live long enough to see the day and we still have him!!)

family poem.gif




15 thoughts on “The Moment is Right

    1. Thank you my dear friend!!! I hope the same for you and your not so little girl anymore!! I read the other comment too and promise to do so! Amen to that too, it worked in my brother’s case 🙂 so why not again, right!! huge hugs and a Christmas peck, lol!

  1. OOh Terry, it’s been so so long since I came her, I miss you deary and hope all is well, As the holidays loom i found myself just missing you and thinking about you and wanting to wish you a wonderful Christmas. Lots of love Terry, xoxox

    1. Thanks sweetie!! I just left your blog, great minds think alike don’t they!! I will things were better than what they are but you’ve missed out on a lot. In late Sept. Mark was diagnosed with a life threatening heart disease called pulmonary hypertension. The cause is unknown and there is no “cure” for it either. Treatment is a guessing game of trial and error, while hoping it doesn’t take his life in the meantime. We are hoping and praying for another miracle 😦 I’ve never read in the Bible anywhere that you only get one per lifetime 🙂 But let’s not dwell on that right now, this is the season where anything can happen, right?!! I said the same to you in my comments too, missing you like crazy here! Maybe things will calm down after the new year and I’ll have time to get a e-mail out to you and we can catch up. I’ve been wondering how life is treating you these days, hope yours has gotten better. Merry Christmas babygirl!! mega love, hugs and kisses, Mama

      1. 😀 God willing everything will be good. Things are ok with me, I graduated from University in October and now im job hunting. Hopefully ill find something soon. And my prayers are with you and i wish all the best for the coming year. Hoping we will talk more like we used to. Lots of love from me mama dearest.. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Beautiful poem, Terri, and I pray you and your family will have a magical holiday in spite of Mark’s diagnosis…there are no words I can say that will ease your pain or worries, but please know you all will remain in my prayers…so I send hugs to you, wishing you also a new year filled with new miracles…God Bless you, my friend…xoxo

    1. God bless you too Lauren!!! I just left your blog where I left you a much longer comment than this but let me add this, I appreciate every thought and prayer you have sent up to heaven on our behalf. More than you could possibly know. Christmas has been the time of miracles before for my family and I’m praying for another. Be safe, know peace and have joy, my sweet friend! xoxoxoxo

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