Update, New Clay Pic’s and DIY Craft Room Organization

Hi everybody.  I got a call from mom yesterday and she had talked to my brother.  He is going through aggressive chemo’ treatments daily (for 45 days I think she said) and is doing as well as he can with them 😦  Just taking it one day at a time.  She said that they are in no hurry to come back from Florida since it’s in the 80’s down there but thinking around mid-April.

Okay, don’t laugh at my handiwork technically speaking.  I had a kitchen table in here before and it took up way to much of my limited space.  When the grandkids were here, they had to pick their way through and I worried about something getting knocked off.  (Shouldn’t have been so worried about them and more about Mark!  He just knocked off one of the fairies you will be seeing in a minute and broke it in 4-5 places 😦  I glued it back together again, guess that’s a keeper.  Anyway,  I was browsing Pinterest boards one day and came across a tutorial on how to take an old chest-of-drawers and convert it for storing supplies (of course theirs were all nicely decorated, fresh paint…).  I’m not trying to win any contests or anything, lol!

I have a few new things to show you that I’m just finishing up on too.  Hope you like them.

Peace, love and blessings to one and all!!!!!  Terri

P.S.  Mark bought me a new desk on the condition that he didn’t have to put it together.  K-Mart had these “Ladder Desks” on sale for $71 clearance.  Sara and I did it all by ourselves!!  Except for the drawer, she and her boyfriend did that for me 🙂  It freed up a huge amount of space and there are not any danger spots now where things will be knocked off.

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8 thoughts on “Update, New Clay Pic’s and DIY Craft Room Organization

    1. Hi Andy, Thanks! It has been a lot of work to do and it’s still not finished but I’m finding all of the things I’ve been looking for forever, lol! As far as the chemo, I thought 45 days sounded like a lot but that’s what I think my mom said… Of course, you know me, I could be wrong. I do know for sure that they said they were going to have to be aggressive with it. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. I love the dresser idea, Terri, and the ladder desks; very creative and functional, too! And your new little designs are adorable! I wish I had an extra room for just writing or an office. We used to in our prior home, but not in this one…I’m sorry to hear about your bother’s chemo and can’t imagine how difficult that must be for him…I’m wondering how Mark is doing, but you don’t have to answer here or at all…keeping you all in my daily prayers and sending hugs! xoxo

    1. I completely dropped the ball on responding, I’m so sorry Lauren!! Been on a sleeping jag for the last few days but that’s no excuse 😦 Mark is holding his own and still chugging along. I worry about all of the weight that he has gained (a lot of which is water and swelling which can’t be good due to the pressure it must put on his internal organs, i.e. his heart) but I know he plans to start walking and riding his bike once the weather improves. When we met he rode his bike everywhere, sometimes up to 5 miles or more, and I’m sure that will take the weight off. Had to withdraw Sara from school again; doing the home schooling once more ( which isn’t the greatest thing for her socialization but relieving the pressure she was under seems to have improved her depression enormously and that’s the important part.) I think the fact that she had a huge blow out with her bio-dad about a month ago where she told him she was not coming back was another major relief. He keeps texting and asking her if she’s coming to see him every weekend but she said when he can’t even acknowledge that they had a fight and why, she isn’t gonna acknowledge him either. She is thankful that she has Mark. She told him several years ago that it’s only because of him that she knows what a dad is supposed to be like and she loved him for it too! So sweet and sad at the same time, it broke my heart.
      Speaking of daughters, how is yours? You both are never far from my thoughts and prayers.
      Love and hugs to you and yours!!!

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