30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country

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30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 15 — The person you miss the most

To have to pick someone
that I miss the most
is impossible to do

But for this letter’s sake
and the prompt given
I will name you two

With whom I had spent
many of the summers
in my younger years

And have wonderful memories
of the days shared
with laughter and tears

One of the nicest 
people in the world
would just have to be

Out of my mother’s
five brothers and seven sisters
would be my Aunt Eddie 

Along with her husband
who was my Uncle Gale
that I have dearly missed

Who with love and joy
my heart  and soul
was forever by them kissed!

And so it is
in the deepest of
loving memory

I dedicate this poem
to these special two
who have blessed me! 

Teresa Marie  2/26/12 ©



30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 14 – Someone You’ve Drifted Apart From

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30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

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I have a sister
who despises me
Over what is
ancient history

And treats my family
with utter contempt
From her own past
seems she is exempt

To my loving husband
she’s never spoken
Though I must say
his heart isn’t broken

He looks at her
in the same way
That she views me
with open display

It bothers the others
more than does me
Because of this one
thought I do carry

When there does come
her judgement’s time
Whose will God see
as the greater crime

Those sins I’ve committed
done in my past
Though they were seen
as plenty and vast

Or the one that
she repeats every day
when no forgiveness
is shown my way?

And yet I wish
she would at least try
For my parents sake
before the both die!

Teresa Marie  2/18/12 © 




30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 12 – The Person You Hate

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To say that I hate you
really isn’t worth my time

Though what you did to me
is truly such a crime

And although you continue
every day to dis’ me

I could so care less
you’re ancient history

If I were being honest
I would have to say

That I just despise you
in each and every way

You really are a cretin
as a man, a poor excuse

And waste no more time on you
’cause really, what’s the use!

Teresa Marie  2/15/12 © 

Letter 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain




30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 11

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In memory of my Aunt Louise
how dearly I miss you

One always there for me
you loved me through and through

I was treated like the daughter
that was not given you

 You were the second mother
that I was blessed with too

I know you are in heaven
where from all pain you’re free

And that I’m finally happy
you are glad to see

Until the day I join you
there in my eternity

I know you’re the Irish Angel
who’s watching over me!!

I love you, Louise!

Teresa Marie  2/7/12 © 

Letter 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to





Someone You Don’t Talk to as Much as You’d Like to – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 10

I have but one

solitary son

Unlike my daughters two

don’t talk enough to


Neither I must say

do either of they

Much from him hear

but why remains unclear


I know he doesn’t mean

that it should be seen

As a purposeful slight

we’ve not had a fight


Rather he is busy

and it makes me dizzy

Just to try keeping track

when interests he doesn’t lack


And does have his own

son who is his clone

In a pod two peas

of their varying degrees


While always on the go

it doesn’t seem to show

That it occurs to him

he only calls on whim


Or he’s in need of something

where mom can be a blessing

And more times than not

my voice-mail is forgot


 Yet, not done with disrespect

as now you might suspect

But rather just the way

of his youth today


And the time will come

as sooner does for some

This error he will correct

when seeing his neglect


More at-tentative he will be

in keeping in touch with me

And so I do refrain

from about it to complain


 Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©



Someone You Wish You Could Meet – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 9

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I wish that I could
meet you face to face

While I’m still living here
in this earthbound place

Oh angel guard of mine
if I could only see

Your image, shape or form
whatever that it may be

For I have no doubt
of whether you are there

And I know that I am
forever in your good care

Yet it would just be nice
or better said it’d be Divine 

If I could meet you here
oh Guardian Angel of mine!

Teresa Marie  1/27/12 © 



Internet Friend – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 8

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However can I choose one
to pick of all you
for there is no way
that this I can do

I have so very many
new friends that I’ve met
since I first started posting
this blog on the net

And truly I do cherish
each of you out there
while I personally have started
with some my life to share

Want you all to know 
what to me you mean
because you are the best
and there’s no in between

Thank you all for being
so caring and so kind
for without all of you
I’d have lost my mind!

Teresa Marie  1/26/12 © 



Mark – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge: Letter 7 – Ex-Love

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My dearest love Mark
I’m writing to say

Things I should have
a long ago day 

When I loved you
so very much more

Than ever I told you
at any time before

And now you’re gone
angels took you away

Home to the heaven
where you will stay

You were the best man
that I had ever known

Deserving of more love
than you were shown

Oh Mark,  I’m sorry
that I didn’t see

The life for us
that it could be 

Today I am sure
that you’re fully aware

Of another great man
I’ve found out there

 Whom I love as much
as he loves me 

And his name’s Mark too
now isn’t that “funny”?

Teresa Marie  1/24/12 ©