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Poetry Picnic Week 35; Month of May

Poetry Picnic Week 34; Out There

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Poetry Picnic Week 26: Seven Deadly Sins

Battles on Fields

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And Hell Erupted On Earth – This Week’s Picture it & Write

Tourists crowded the space like a herd of cattle. I set up my easel and exposed my paints to the scene before me. Together we would create a masterpiece landscape. I raised the quivering tip of my paintbrush to the blank canvas but a tremor threw me out of my chair. My easel fell to the ground like a wounded animal, bleeding paint. Another tremor disturbed the ground. I suddenly registered that people were screaming. The rush of footsteps created a sinister murmur. This couldn’t be happening, I thought,the volcano is dormant. I was frozen to the spot. People bustled me to the side. Those who didn’t get up were trampled. The screaming halted for a moment. A deafening roar exploded from the picturesque landscape.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And hell erupted on earth
rising up from the core

Spewing it’s vilest poison
lapping tongue of a whore 

Forked in demonic nature
ragged horns jutted forth

Ashes up from the pit
foul winds blowing them north

The screams all around me
were nothing to even compare

To the anguish I heard
crying for me to beware

As the multi-headed dragon
from within the lava arose

While there came a great wailing
as a mother in birth-pain throws

Beside it were a thousand demons
whose putrid stench filled the air 

 Vomited out of the pit
with Armageddon to declare

Then I woke up gagging
nostrils holding the smell

From that most frightening scene
of the world’s coming hell

“Dear God, dear God, dear God,”
I then began to pray

“Leave me not behind
to face that Judgement Day! 

But rather my dear God
this I beg of Thee

If You would only allow
that ‘chosen’ I would be!” 

Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Poetry Picnic Week 24: Free Linking

A Good Candidate Is Hard to Find – NY Times Headline

A good candidate
is hard to find

By New York Times
was today headlined

Which has been found
by me as true

Who’s saying America,
God bless you?

Everyone that reads me
knows just I feel

How God from the Country
 some are trying to steal

And although there’s many
who do not agree

This blog right here
belongs only to me

So you will find
it’s my point of view 

Dictating what I say
and think or do

And though there are none
in the debates I see

That have all that much
made an impression on me

The votes that are counted
with the coming election day

Will choose the right one
is what I hope and pray!

Teresa Marie  1/22/12 © 

Poetry Picnic Week 23: New York Times Headline Topics

In A Tree

You ever wished that you could be
living way up there in a tree?

To just reach out and touch the sky
as the clouds go rolling by?

Bathe in colors of a rainbow
dancing through as they ebb and flow?

Awe in an eagle’s majesty
with grandeur of true royalty

Witness to the glorious sight
of magnificence taking flight?

To be a part of each new dawn 
imagination it goes beyond

Oh how I wish that I could be
living way up there in a tree!

Teresa Marie  1/15/12  © 


Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

You Give Us

Oh Mother of Earth
on you we rely

Who cares for us
though you we try

When you break down
in rage we cry

Yet because of us
you live or die

Each year in Spring
is new life born

And with vibrant colors
the earth you adorn

When new green foliage
by trees are worn

 It’s not the Winter
for which we mourn

Oh Mother, oh Mother
of Earth in all

The Winter, the Spring
the Summer and Fall

You care for us
both great and small

The return be done
by us one and all!

Teresa Marie  1/15/12

Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives