Poet or Writer

When I was younger
it was my dream
being poet or writer
the perfect life seem

With riches and fame
that it would bring
in this mortal world
I would be something

Now I am older
not rich but poor
but I am doing
the thing I adore

Fame’s not in sight
but I don’t care
I love my life
and those with whom I share!

Teresa Marie   11/9/11


Perfect Poet Award Week 55 Acceptance Poem
I nominate Charles Mashburn for Week 56


Every Day

Do you believe in luck
on it do you bet?

Or is everything a blessing
that from God you get?

Either way you see it
and any way it goes

It doesn’t matter to me
what life at me throws

For whether luck or blessing
to me that you are

You make my whole world
so much better by far

Than all of the years
that have gone on before

You came into my life
to love and to adore!

Teresa Marie  11/2/11

 For Mark, with my undying love and affection!

Thursday poets rally week 55,  where a free verse, or a poem of your choice is accepted.

Put On A Happy Face

Tracks of tears
you can trace
or put on
a happy face

There is beauty
found in grace
so put on
a happy face

What is torn
you can lace
by putting on
a happy face

And don’t wallow
in your disgrace
just put on
a happy face

Share with others
in this place
the pleasure of
a happy face

For through time
and all space
the lasting memory’s
a happy face!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11


Thursday poets rally week 54,  where a free verse, or a poem of your choice is accepted.

Poetry Is My Way

Poetry is my way
my feelings to say

Work hard every day
try not to dismay

And come what may
I hope and pray

Before I go away
this message I’ll convey

The Truth, Life and Way
gave all I have today

The words that I say
are to His glory display!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

My acceptance poem for the Perfect Poet Award Week 53 Submission:    https://terri0729.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/when-hope-is-lost/

Find the Award post at:  http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/2011/10/perfect-poet-award-week-53.html

I nominate Ann LeFlore for the next award

Thank you to those who nominated me for this Award and to Ava for choosing me

When Hope Is Lost

We must remember that
when hope is lost

There is so much
that it does cost

When things do happen
which we don’t understand

We must trust in
what God has planned

For it’s His ways
we do not know

But instead we must
go with the flow

And at all cost
our hope to retain

For in God’s love
our soul must remain

We aren’t all mighty
nor ever so wise

To know the plans
that God does devise

We need to ever
hope in the Lord

‘Cause to do other
we can never afford!

Teresa Marie   10/4/11

http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/    Week 53 Submission


Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poet Award

  I nominate Anne LeFlore for the next award.


The War Over You

For every angel
That’s around you

There’s a demon
Right there too

 And for each
Only one aim

One to protect
The other claim

As they war
Over your soul

One eats away
At their goal

Through temptation
Leading to sin

Eternal damnation
Hope to win

The other one
Watches over you

As God has
Ordered them to

And through conscience
Do they speak

To guide us
When we’re weak

 When you choose
Wrong or right

Hear the angel
Within the Light

 If it’s wrong
You will know

Because your heart
tells you so

Who will win
depends on you

And the things
That you do

For this war
At life begun

Will not end
‘til life’s done!

Teresa Marie   9/22/11

The Poetry Palace Week 52 submission

Angel of Oriental Beauty

An angel of Oriental beauty

Appeared out in my garden

‘Twas a cool misty day

And the ground dew sodden


I’d glanced out the window

Just in time to see

Her raise a decorated flask

As I exclaimed with glee


Thought it my green thumb

That made the roses grow

But instead was this angel

Who allowed herself to show


Then I bowed my head

And offered up a prayer

Of thanksgiving to the Lord

Who charged this angel’s care!


Teresa Marie  9/7/11