Places I Link To

I was talking to a fellow blogger and was telling her about the different places that I’m linked into that do weekly challenges and prompts.  After I got done with the conversation, it occurred to me that I should have a page on this.  So here goes:

 Short Story Slam @

Thursday Poets Rally @

The Poetry Picnic @

Funny Bunny Friday @

picture it & write @

listen & write @

Free Write Friday @

The Wish Jar @

Weekly Photo Challenge @

A-Z Archive Challenge @

One thought on “Places I Link To

  1. Thanks for mentioning us, not once but twice! Really glad you enjoy both Picture it & Write and Listen & Write. I know I’m behind on the latter this month, but I hope to have Evil Nymph’s song up later this week.

    Thanks for contributing to our blog by participating in our events. People like you are what make our events a success.


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