Oh Say Can’t You See

This Day of September

Tomorrow’s is the day
of the anniversary

Our nation was attacked
and terror we did see

In the twin towers
people did not know

What would befall them
when to work they go

‘Twere people all around
walking in the street

Who had no idea
this day they’d meet

The most horrible sight
they would ever see

On this September day
that lives in infamy

Now ten years later
people still ask why

God would ever allow
so many souls to die

But there’s no answers
that will ever suffice

And to question Him
I don’t think twice

For it is something
that we’ll never know

Until before God’s throne
someday we will go

Forever it is etched
in every person’s mind

A scar upon our heart
this attack did bind

It is not for us
to understand God’s way

But rather to give honor
to those who died this day

And let us not forget
all those who rushed in

To give comfort and aid
for no reward to win

When so many do
their very lives owe

To those who suffer now
more than we’ll ever know! 

Teresa Marie  9/10/11