Evil Deceptions – Part III

She wanted to run, just make a bolt between apartment buildings, across the back lawns and over to her friend’s house that only lived a couple of blocks away.  Jeffrey was tugging at her elbow and attempting to hurry her inside.  Karen tensed immediately and began dragging her feet, stalling for a second so that she could think.

She had never even gotten the chance to register what was happening before they had driven the short distance to the apartment and now what was she going to do?  Karen’s mind was racing as Jeffrey began to practically drag her into the building.  She tripped over her own two feet while trying to slow their progress.  Beginning to fall forward, Jeffrey got her through the door before she could stop him and it slammed shut was a deafening thud.

Just as it closed, Karen found herself on the floor and Jeffrey was screaming at her, “Thought you were gonna get away from me didn’t you!!  You worthless piece of trash…” as he began repeatedly kicking her.  He was still wearing his steel-toe boots from work and with each blow she writhed in pain.  Her ears were ringing, snap went a couple of her ribs and she felt blood running down her chin from where her lip had been split opened.

She desperately tried to scramble out of the path of his next kick, too late, this one caught her on the spine.  Karen lay still after that and absorbed a few more well planted ones that left her more emotionally bruised than anything.  Always having been a horror film buff in her younger years, she had seen hundreds of them but nothing in any one of the had ever frightened her as much as what she was now experiencing.

“What am I doing here?  How did I get in this place?  What is wrong with me?  God, what did I do to deserve this?  It must be my fault that this is happening to me, right?  Who, what, why, how…” the questions tumbled through her mind by the second with no answers coming.  Mind numbing silence prevailed over the thudding of her brain and heart.  Karen was no longer capable of thinking, absorbing or making sense of what had just happened.

The utter, sheer terror that invaded her now consumed her heart, mind and soul as it destroyed her spirit.  In one felled swoop, Jeffrey had crushed her completely.  It had been a process that he had been exacting on her for months now, divide and conquer of sorts.  He had gradually separated her from her family.  One by one he eliminated them from the equation.  They didn’t like him and he made sure to alienate Karen from them all.

Next to go were her friends, first the longtime closest companions and then the casual acquaintances.  Like pawns moved off a chessboard until the only thing left standing was the queen.  Jeffrey had finally toppled her too.  Victory was his, the king stood alone…

Evil Deceptions – Part II

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As soon as they got into the truck, without even looking at her, Jeffery started screaming, “I stood there and watched you for a while and you were flirting with every man that passed by!!  You are nothing but a slut aren’t you!!”  And then before she knew it she was seeing stars for the first time in her life, he had actually hit her in the face and then, wham!  He hit her again!

The pain shot through her brain like molten lead, Karen was in shock.  Disbelieving what was happening to her, she screamed, “Oh my God! Wwwhhyyy?!”  Tears were streaming down her face, she shook uncontrollably as her teeth chattered.  Shaking her head back and forth, she tried to look at Jeffrey but everything was just a blur at first.  Finally her vision started to clear and then she wished that it hadn’t because what she saw scared her more that the realization of being hit had.

“You had that coming you bitch!”, he screamed at her.  His face was crimson in color and his eyes were wide with a crazed, glassy look to them.  He was snarling at her through grit teeth.  He was unrecognizable.  He looked like some wild psycho from a horror movie, a serial killer, positively demonic!

Karen was trying to make sense of it all and failing miserably.  She knew that she had done nothing wrong, never flirted with any man in the park unless you call smiling back at them flirting!  She was not a rude person, if someone smiled at her she smiled back at them, male or female.  But she hadn’t spoken to anyone.  What did she do wrong?

She didn’t even register what Jeffrey was saying or rather screaming.  Her mind was in shock, face in pain unlike anything that she had ever known before and she could feel her eye swelling up!  “Oh my God!”, she thought, “Did he just give me a black eye?  What am I going to tell the people at work?  What will Jessica say?  Will it be ‘I told you so!'”  Karen just couldn’t believe that any of this was real.

“I must be having a nightmare!  Yeah, that’s it and I’ll wake up here in a minute.  Jeffrey and I have had some pretty bad arguments lately but he would never hit me…”

She did not get any further with the thought when reality was back, Jeffrey was pulling her from the truck because they were home.  Once she became aware that it wasn’t, Karen didn’t know what to do next, all she knew was that she was  very afraid to be alone with him behind closed doors.  Was he going to beat her up?  Hit her in the face again?  What would happen?

She wanted to run, just make a bolt between apartment buildings, across the back lawns and over to her friend’s house that only lived a couple of blocks away.  Jeffrey was tugging at her elbow and attempting to hurry her inside.  Karen tensed immediately and began dragging her feet, stalling for a second so that she could think…

Teresa Marie  11/27/11

Evil Deceptions

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As Karen sat in the park waiting for Jeffery to arrive, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.  She had tried to concentrate on her book, it was a mystery/suspense novel, but her mind wandered.  Where in the world was he?  Karen had a habit of when she was nervous or worried or scared, she would twitch.  Not actually twitch, what she would do was tap her foot or her leg would shake back and forth or move up and down rapidly.  Right now, she couldn’t stop herself from swinging her foot.  The longer she waited for Jeffery, the faster it went.

“Why is he always making me wait like this?,” she asked herself.  It was beginning to be an everyday thing and quite irritating.  She was a punctual person and thought it rude to be late.  While Karen had been sitting there, several men passed by and they smiled at her.  She never really thought of herself as beautiful but rather as a “pretty” woman.  Definitely not one of those “Barbie Dolls” that she had gone to High School with. 

Karen had low self-esteem when it came right down to it and tried to cover it up by being a people pleaser.  She would go to any length to make someone happy, even to the point of being someone she was not.  Always the peacemaker too in most situations.  Being as determined to avoid conflicts as she was made Karen more agreeable in word than in truth.  All of this caused her a lot of inner conflict but she ignored it best as she could.

There was nothing wrong with wanting to be a happy person, was there?  If you are outgoing and fun to be around, people seem to gravitate to you, don’t they?  So Karen developed a persona of just that. 

Being of Irish decent, lightheartedness and a sense of humor were basically in her genes.  Her upbringing was in that type of atmosphere.  They were a close family who loved any excuse to get together and celebrate.  There would be joking, laughter, games and plenty of drinking.  If you got right down to it, half of her family would probably be qualified as “social alcoholics”.  They didn’t necessarily drink every day but when they did, they would drink to get drunk.  Otherwise, what was the sense of drinking at all? 

And that was how she had met Jeffery, in a bar.  Karen was not yet legally divorced but rather technically “separated”.  She was still in the 60 day waiting period before the final court date.  Feeling a bit lonely, Karen had decided to go down to her favorite local “watering hole” and have a drink.  She hated going out by herself because then men thought she was wanting to get “picked up” and she would have to put up with them hitting on her but the loneliness superseded that.  So she got up, got dressed and left.

Being a regular at this particular establishment, Karen knew that she would see someone she knew.  She might very well run into one of her five brothers there too.  Of the five, one was also a regular patron, two were on and off again and the other two were occasional visitors, mostly there only when they were all gathered to celebrate.  When she walked in, sure enough there was Richie.  She walked over and sat with him for a while until some other friends came in.  With them was a guy that she didn’t know and to whom they introduced her.  There was an immediate attraction between them.  As the night went on, Karen knew that this was the start of something and didn’t mind the thought at all.  He was an attractive man, in that ‘bad boy” sorta way.  That’s the kind she always seemed to fall for.  I guess you could call her an “adrenaline junkie” of sorts.  She like living on the edge, or at least what she thought of as the “edge”.

From a large Irish Catholic family she was and their religious roots ran deep.  So Karen felt a lot of guilt over getting a divorce but just couldn’t do it anymore, couldn’t pretend that her marriage was working out when it wasn’t.  As a matter of fact, Karen felt guilty about a great deal of her life, and ashamed of herself.  All of this only served to feed her insecurities, making her the perfect victim in any predator’s eyes and that is what Jeffery was, a predator of the first order.

Just as Karen was thinking all of this, Jeffrey strode up to the park bench that she was sitting on with a growled, “Let’s go!”  The hair on the back of Karen’s neck stood up immediately, “Oh God!’, she thought to herself, “What did I do now?  He is mad about something.”  She had to walk pretty fast to keep up with him which didn’t bode well for the what she knew was coming, another huge argument.  Karen felt sick to her stomach, her mouth went dry and tears were already forming in her eyes.

As soon as they got into the truck, without even looking at her, Jeffery started screaming, “I stood there and watched you for a while and you were flirting with every man that passed by!!  You are nothing but a slut aren’t you!!”  And then before she knew it she was seeing stars for the first time in her life, he had actually hit her in the face and…

Teresa Marie  11/26/11

Tough Enough

“Do you think
you’re tough enough
to make it through
when it gets rough?”

And she said
“I think so
but you never
really do know,”

“‘Til you’ve begun
for yourself to fight
because you know
you’re doing what’s right.”

“Do you want
to take the chance
when first blood
you more than glance?”

“I’ll tell the truth
go for it all
when the time comes
 my name they call!”

“You’ll have to be
pretty darn strong
but what you’re doing
is nothing wrong!”

Teresa Marie  10/21/11

Find A Way

Know that I will
always find a way
to make my escape
from you some day

You drag me back
and I will run
’cause you don’t realize
I’m a loaded gun

Everything that you do
or try to say
will come back around
on to you anyway

You will shoot yourself
in the foot alone
there is nothing in
you that I condone

‘Cause you have abused
my mother and me
don’t believe your lies
I have eyes to see!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

My Flesh and Blood


Oh you darling little baby
flesh and blood of mine

How very much do I
love your innocence divine

I promise that I will
always protect and cherish you

And give you my love
for your whole life through

I promise I will never
at you yell and scream

Because my darling little child
you are my fondest dream

And I will not ever
in life your innocence use

To manipulate or control you
or raise a hand to abuse


When you’re all grown up
there’ll come a wedding day

As you hold my arm
before I give you away

I’ll tell you once again
that precious you’ll always be

He better feel the same
or be answering to me!

Teresa Marie  10/12/11

Short Story Slam Week 12 Submission #2


Just Another Word

My silence is
what worries you

But there’s nothing
you can do

When it is
just another word

For my pain
that goes unheard

In my suffering
I am alone

Through my silence
do I moan

And this hurt
has me unnerved

When its cause
is so undeserved

So this silence
is another word

For my pain
and suffering unheard!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

Like a Clown

You treat me
like a clown

Bad-mouthed me
all over town

In your efforts
keeping me down

But it’s you
wearing the frown


You don’t see
me coming around

‘Cause the happiness
that I’ve found

Removed the pain
that was profound

When under foot
I was ground


No longer do
you fool me

Your true colors
I did see

I choose never
again to be

Under the control
of an enemy


When the things
that you do

And the words
coming from you

Cause me pain
and hurt too

Shouldn’t I say
that I’m through?


If you really
do love  me

Why won’t you
set me free?

If you wish
happiness I’d see

Time that you
let me be!

Teresa Marie  9/30/11

For you Puddin’ Pie!  I love you xoxoxo


Told you one day
I would run away

Weathered seams that fray
as my life decay

Wouldn’t live this way
where I’d alway pay

When I did betray
’cause I went astray

Games my mother play
is what you say

Made me a runaway
to your total dismay

But feet of clay
is what you display

When your temper got away
you hit me that day!

Teresa Marie  9/29/11

The Firecat Is Coming

The firecat is coming
and he’s after you

Your hell he’s bringing
along with him too

Did you really think
you’d forever get away?

For what you’ve done
you would never pay?

For every single wrong
that you may do

A charge slip’s made
that heaven holds due

Until the time comes
for your judgement day

And it doesn’t matter
what excuse you say

The firecat of hell
then collects from you

When it’s too late
to make amends true!

Teresa Marie  9/28/11