Friday’s Quote From Martin Luther King Jr.

A Beautiful Story In Pictures Via Mom

Every day – at the same time – she waits for him…
He comes… and they go for a walk
Wouldn’t it be great if we all had friends like this…no words needed…they just intuitively 
recognize the value of each other in their lives and act accordingly.

A Smile For Your Day From Wilma Askinas

A Thought For Your Monday

Peccadilloes – A-Z Challenge; P-Archives

Yes, I
have a few 

are kept
out of view

are seen
that’s very true

accepted them
how about you?

Teresa Marie  1/22/12 ©

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All – Love Letter Poem For Kelley


The world’s made up

of all different kinds 

From the ordinary people

to the “great minds”

Some who are short

where others are tall

Some of us round

while others are small

We see some people

bound to wheelchairs

While others are able

to climb the stairs 

With all different races

and nations and creed

It’s acceptance and kindness

that we all need

All of those living

here on the earth

Have a defined purpose

and measure of worth

And when for us

life’s over and done

All that will matter

is the judgement of One!

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 ©

The Love Letter requests for January are out:

Meet Kelley

If you ever known the “mean girls” and the trouble they cause, then this request will be a quick stitch on your heart today.

Kelley, 21, is going through a rough time—emotionally, socially and physically. Much of her drain comes from recent harassment by the “mean girls” at work who constantly harass Kelley about her weight, making it nearly impossible for her to feel comfortable or able to shine.  Kelley’s sister wrote in her love letter request, “She was always my strong, independent little sister, but now she is falling into a downward spiral. I can tell her she’s beautiful, that she’s smart, that she deserves the best out of life. But I think she needs to hear it from someone else.”

If you would like to join in on spreading some love around the world, click here:



In My Room

In my room
do I hide

As the time
I sit and bide

Then no one
can see me

Why’s the world
my worst enemy?

Why can’t they
who I am accept?

What from me
do they expect?

Wish somewhere else
I could live

Where people have
love to give

And the haters
they don’t allow

There must be
a place somehow

I can exist
just as I am

Not forced to live
a life of sham

So I pray
to the Lord

Give me a world
where I am adored!

Teresa Marie  9/5/11

For Aaliyah, chin up little girl, here you are loved just as you are!!  No haters allowed!

My Wednesday Thoughts – 99% Not Good Enough

The law of God will not take ninety-nine for a hundred.

William Secker

When I read this quote from last week’s “Today’s Thoughts” e-mail, my reaction was, “Isn’t that just the world we live in today?”  I mean, think about it for minute.  Today’s society is one of 99% or less.  Yesterday I spoke of giving our best 40 or 50% of meekness but that is different from what I am talking about today.  Meekness is a virtue, not a law.

What I want to address is our readiness to accept less than 100% when it comes to following the letter of the law.  Let’s just look at the 10 commandments for a second.  I am paraphrasing these just a bit but I’m sure that the order is right:

1.  I am the LORD your God.  You shall have no other god before Me.  
     And not; I am the LORD your God in the next world.

2.  You shall not worship any other gods. 
     And not; You shall not worship any other gods like Buddha or Mohammed but money, fame and earthly prestige are okay.

3.  You shall not use the LORD’s name in vain.
     And not; You shall not use My name in vain but My Son’s is okay or unless you hit your thumb with a hammer.

4.  Keep holy the Sabbath day.
     And not; Keep it holy when it’s convenient

5.  Honor your Mother and Father.
     And not; Honor them as long as they can do something for you or unless you think they’re jerks and when they become useless to you, discard them.

6.  You shall not commit murder.
     And not; Don’t kill anybody who doesn’t deserve it or unless you fly into a rage and can’t control yourself.

7.  You shall not commit adultery.
     And not; You shall not unless they do it first or you agree to do it together.

8.  You shall not steal.
     And not; You can’t steal unless you need it and won’t get caught.

9.  You shall not give false witness.
     And not;  Don’t lie unless it’s a “white lie” or you’ll get in trouble or because someone begs you to lie for them.

10:  You shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife or possessions.
       And not; Don’t just want what the neighbor has, go out and get it or go take it from him!

We, in today’s society, have become watered down.  We live with halves every day; half-truths and half-lies, half wrongs and half rights, etc.  Mediocrity is acceptable.  We make excuses, allowances and say that it’s not their fault, it’s in their genes, they don’t know any better.  The word tolerance has been used so much as justification for sins that we no longer recognize the letter of His law. 

Whether it’s fear of persecution, ridicule or retribution, I don’t know but the enemy has succeeded in making the true believer afraid to lay it on the line, to stand up and be heard, to say, “No!  I will not accept it.  It is wrong in the eyes of God Almighty and I will not do it!”  His rule on our world has grown exponentially in the last 20 years of my life.  I can’t believe what they allow on tv these days, for instance.  Our children are being programmed to accept even more blatant divergence from the Truth and Way.

I use the word we because I am just as guilty as anybody else.  And so I pray:  Dear God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, help us to follow You and Your law 100% of the time.  Strengthen us against the attack of our enemy.  Whisper in our ears when we accept less than You expect just because we are told to be tolerant.  Fortify us that we are not afraid to stand on Your Word!  Thank You God.  Amen and amen.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Striving for 100%,
Teresa Marie