Adam And Eve, The First In All

Adam and Eve, were first in all

First human beings
that God created

Ever to live
and be appreciated

The first couple
to make love

Ever to walk
with God above

The first having
a child born

Ever to drink
from plenty’s horn

The first to let
temptation win

Ever to then
commit a sin

Yes, Adam and Eve
were the first in all

The first that did
from God’s grace fall!

Teresa Marie  8/21/11


Gooseberry Garden Picnic Week 1 First Offering 

My Thursday Thoughts – Closer Is He

Speak to Him, thou, for He hears,
and Spirit with Spirit can meet-
Closer is He than breathing,
and nearer than hands and feet.

Alfred Tennyson

This was on my e-mail today.  It is more true than we could ever know and we fail to see it every second of the day.  With many of us, we speak to Him when we need something from Him and then forget He is there the rest of the time.

The Father created us to commune with Him.  He walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden.  They fellowshipped together.  That has not changed in a million years, or however long ago He created us.  He does not change, ever!  God still wants only to spend time with us.  It’s us who have changed. 

In my opinion, when we fell from Grace and were cast out of the Garden, it broke God’s heart but He had no choice.  We were no longer innocent and couldn’t be trusted.  Therefore, our bond with Him was damaged but not broken.  I think that we have been striving ever since to reclaim it.  That is why we have this ingrained desire to know God.  It’s why we go on these spiritual quests to find the meaning behind life itself.  But there is one big problem, a wall has been erected between us.

When we fell into temptation, we gave Satan power over us and our world.  He does everything that he can to keep us from finding our way back.  He wants to be a god, or rather to be God Almighty.  He wants a throne right up there with Christ Himself.  He believes that he also should be worshipped and adored.  That’s not going to happen in heaven so he needs to keep us away from God and damned for eternity with him in hell. 

Therefore, he keeps us so busy, worried, and involved with this world and its cares that we don’t spend time with our Father.  For a majority of us “believers”, we don’t think about talking to Him until there is an emergency, then we run to Him!  We cry and plead and beg for His help.  We shake our fist at Him and accuse Him of not caring about us.  Then, after He does something to help us out of the situation or heals our sickness, we go on our busy way and forget about Him until the next time.

When we accuse God or Jesus of being unfaithful and not caring about us, I’ll bet They would like to wring our necks!  We are such a selfish, ungrateful, belligerent species.  We have turned our backs on Him so badly in this world we now live that it’s no wonder we are having all of these major catastrophic events going on.  Why should He help or protects us?  (Of course I am talking in broad terms and not personally because He has protected me and mine!) 

But that’s just me talking out of my human nature but, thanks be to Him, God is not like us nor does He think the way we do.  Our LORD is faithful, it is us who are not.  We need to realize that He is always there with us, “closer than breathing”.  Reach out and touch Him today.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

With the love of Christ,
Teresa Marie