30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 3 – Parents


There’s so much about
my parents I could say

But to tell the details
there is just no way

I’d have to write a novel
to be able to cover all

That they’ve done for me
and it would not be small

My parents are the rock
on which I’ve been built

While many tears over me
have been by them spilt

To say there were times
that I’ve done them wrong

Would be an understatement
in the short and long

And it isn’t easy to
 have to say it’s true

But if I didn’t then
I’d be lying to you

I have made them suffer
more than a daughter should

And I would take it back
if in any way I could

In alcohol and drugs
I once lost my way

For which my parents have
been often ones to pay

 I don’t just mean in money
though that included too

But rather in the heartache
that I have put them through

Yet I have been forgiven
and my slate is clean

For my complete turn around
they have now clearly seen

Although my love of them
I did not always show

It is my hope and prayer
that I’ve made them know

And I take the time
in my life today

To try to show them
in every kind of way!!

Teresa Marie  1/16/12 ©

I love you very much Mom and Dad!

Thanks for always being there for me!!




Displays – This Week’s Picture it & Write

My mother jumped up on the table and started wiggling her hips. The crowd was throwing their arms up in the air, cheering her on. I couldn’t watch. I hid behind my fingers but I could hear my name. She was shouting for me to join her. This was the most embarrassing New Years party I had ever attended. I moved towards my mother and tried to coax her to come down. She didn’t. She stayed up there, she shook her skirt and called out to the crowd. I could see my mother’s body jiggling like jelly. Skin folded and rippled. I cringed. A couple of others joined her on the table with drinks in their hands. I left with my cheeks feathered rouge from the heat of embarrassment.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

How many of
these outrageous displays

Will mother in
her alcoholic malaise

Lead me down
paths of disgrace

With her “celebrations”
of New Year days?

How much longer
can I go

Through all this
I don’t know

Why must her
insecurity always show

When it only
seems to grow?

It fills me
with such rage

When she does
these acts stage

Why can’t she
act her age?

She never will
is what I wage

Long as my
memories have begun

This is what
she has done

And my disrespect
is all she’s won

The mother’s sins
upon her son!

Teresa Marie  12/31/11 © 

__picture it & write and Happy New Year!

by Ermilia

A Question About Grace, Why?

 Why does God give us grace?  I use this expression often, “but for the grace of God go I.”  I truly mean it every time that I say it but it seems to echo through my soul.  And so I ask again, why does God give us grace?

There seems to be no end to the grace that He will bestow on a person either.  If that wasn’t true, I would have used up my grace quota a long time ago.  I say this most earnestly to you, “but for the grace of God” I would not still be here today or I would be in prison.  There is no if, and or but about it.  I am so unworthy to have so richly received all of the blessings that I have and grace is just the beginning.

I know that we cannot earn grace or blessings or miracles.  I just have to stop and wonder about it sometimes.  That a wretched sinner like me could be on the receiving end of His grace and love boggles my mind.

I realize that His ways are higher than ours and we aren’t meant to understand, but still…. why have I been so immensely covered by His grace?  He has protected me, blessed me, healed me, given His Son for me, forgiven me, redeemed me and the list goes on, but why?  It always comes back to me asking why?

I’ve committed adultery, had an abortion, did a lot of drugs, dealt drugs, lied, stolen, and still He covers me with His grace, why?  This could go on forever like a merry-gp-round, round and round she goes!

This is what I have determined, it doesn’t matter why.  It is a gift from the Almighty God and who am I to question His motives?  He doesn’t have human thoughts or emotions, so I need to stop trying to compare Him to us.  It can’t be done, therefore it’s a worthless pursuit.

Grace is a gift to be received gratefully.  Once accepted, we owe a debt of thanksgiving to the Giver.  It’s truly as simple as that.  We make it more complicated than it is.  And so I am left to say…

Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit for covering me with Your grace.  All glory and honor be Yours forever and ever.  Amen.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

May God bless and keep you,
Teresa Marie