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When Darkness Fell



Master Of The Sea

Cut Off

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There have been many times
that I’ve felt cut off

When I’ve believed the world 
does merely at me scoff

When I’ve been brushed aside
run over in their haste

Because it seems they think
what I’m doing is a waste

I feel like I’m dangling
high up above the pit

And the demons down below
are yelling, “Go for it!”

As an angel is whispering
“You can’t make it alone!

God has not left you
out here on your own!”

While there on other side
my dreams I can see

Are shining like a beacon
as a temptress luring me

And there lying in between
 a chasm, a great divide

While I teeter on the edge
as I’m trying to decide

“Don’t act a foolish imp!”
I hear my angel say

“For you know deep down
the answer and the Way

Don’t listen to any of
those voices down below

To fulfill all your dreams
you know where to go!”

Teresa Marie  12/20/11  ©


Dark And Gloomy

On a night dark and gloomy
wind going right straight through me

Was my house coming up to
when a wariness inside me grew

My doors were standing open wide
what if someone was waiting inside?

I was there and all alone
began searching for my cell phone

With it ready there in hand
was ready to “beat the band”

And with that being all done
once inside I grabbed a gun

Walked around from room to room
then outside I heard a boom

It scared me half to death
I sucked in an extra breath

Then I did come to realize
that lightning had lit the skies

When assured no one was there
I sat down in the chair

Proud that I’d been so strong
and wondered what had gone wrong

My husband’s regular evening call
told the story of it all

He woke up for work late
ran like a horse from the gate

Must have not closed the doors
and my peace that all restores!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11

Who Could Stand Against You?

Alone in the dark
make your own spark

And faith to ignite
create your own light

In your darkest days
give the Lord praise

When He’s with you
none stand against you

Alone you’ll never be
when you belong to He!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

It’s In The Silence

It’s in the silence
your eyes have said

Over a thousand words
from when we wed

No need for talking
when we are alone

Deep love for me
your face has shown

This is true friendship
that’s grounded and sincere

There’s no waiting for
any words to hear

The language of love
is spoken in silence

A friend reads volumes
contained in a glance

And I know Darling
you’re my loving friend

Who’ll be with me
until the very end!

Teresa Marie   10/10/11  Submission #2
Theme: Friends, Relationships, and Everyone around us.