eXistential – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; X Archives

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If I were to say
that God was existential

Some would tend to think 
of it as being empirical

We know Jesus lived
on this earthly sphere

But I’m inclined to note
He is now existentially here

So tell me true
are you totally confused

Because of the big words
I have chosen to use?

I guess what it is
that I am trying to say

Very simply put is
that Jesus lives today!

Teresa Marie  1/30/12 © 


Wishing – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; W-Archives

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Wishing the rain
stops without delay

Wishing to see
a rainbow display

Wishing the sun
comes to stay

Wishing to go
outside and play

Wishing for more 
time in a day

Sometimes we’re wishing
our lives away 

Teresa Marie  1/29/12 ©



Vivacious – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; V-Archives

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Vivacious was she

at home in her own skin with



Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©




Utilize – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; U-Archives

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A word to the wise
if prayer we utilize

By God they’re always heard
each and every word

And He will answer some
or only silence will come

For what things we pray
aren’t always the best way

When it is God’s plan
and not of mortal man

Our path does seems unclear
and we fall into fear

But if our faith be sound
the answer will be found

As does His amazing grace
hold no time or space

For it comes by a love
that we know nothing of

While bound on this earth
but I know it’s worth! 

Teresa Marie  1/27/12  ©



Twirlers – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; T-Archives

As a little girl
I loved to twirl

In circles to go ’round
with or without sound

I danced time away
in my imaginary play

A ballerina of dreams
life’s not what it seems

And now I’ve found
I barely leave the ground

With no pirouettes for today
in my mind they stay

Teresa Marie  1/26/12 © 



Nun – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; N-Archives

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N is for nun
I’ve known a few

Being raised a Catholic
I’ve known priests too

From them I learned
of the Golden Rule

Grades one through twelve
spent at Catholic school

Some were the nicest
that you’ve ever seen

While others I thought
were down right mean

But that was in
a child’s point of view

When probably in trouble
for what I did do

But to be serious
just for a minute

I truly do admire them 
for what they put in it

They give of their life
to follow the Son

No greater thing could
by someone be done!

Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©



Faith; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: F-Archives

image source: latoro.com

F is for the faith

found out in the universe

life’s just dress rehearse!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©


the F archive

by frizztext

Enchantment; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: E-Archives

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Enchantment found

In fairy places



Left behind

Is wonder traces

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 © 



Desire; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: D-Archives



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Is desire

Of my soul


This world

Be made whole!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©



Color; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: C-Archives

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color found

in a rainbow


find me

there must go!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©