Tuesday’s Thought From Blaise Pascal

You Chose To Fade

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From dandelion wishes
to the Italian dishes
all with love you made

From this mortal life
fraught with joy and strife
this morning you chose to fade

With the angels to stand
and holding Eston’s hand
you’ve entered into God’s glory

You will be dearly missed
by the lives you have kissed
with the end of your earthly story!

In memory of my dear Aunt Marge who passed away early this morning,
with all my love!

Teresa Marie 4/3/12 ©


I am having fun going back and reblogging some of my older stuff! I hope you are enjoying them as well 😉

What about God?

Lord, send us Your angels please
to fight and save Your way
before all wickedness and disease
find a place to stay.

Jealousy has reared its head
searching out this age,
damn it back to hell instead,
lock it in a cage!

Stop it from instilling doubt,
whispering in our ear,
making us scream and shout
at those we hold so dear.

It truly is the devil’s ploy,
at tool that he does use
to tear apart and to destroy
and to thoroughly confuse.

Love is what sets us free
a seed for us to sow
and spread across land and sea
for all the world to know.

This would be the very end
of Satan’s long-planned war
that he has, you can depend,
brought to our own back door.

So come to Jesus, take a vow,
no matter what you do
to the evil one do not bow

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Prayers Of A Child

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Endless War

The Fairy And The Moon

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The fairy and the moon
had a chat one night

Sitting among the clouds
there in the star’s light

About life on the earth
along with this and that

While floating on downy comfort
as they chewed the fat

Discussing how it was
that  silly human beings

Each thought they deserved
the finest of all things

And just at the idea
the both of them laughed

Then moon to fairy said,
“They must all be daft!”

To which the fairy replied,
“I really think it’s sad 

“For what they were given
they should be more glad!” 

Which then caused the moon
to pause for a just minute

When most suddenly he said,
“I don’t think they get it!”

“You know,” the fairy said
you just may be right!

“But do they not hear 
those angels singing tonight?

“Maybe I should go and
make sure that they do!”

As away the little fairy
into the sky then flew

To join the choir of angels
 so she could joyously sing

And tell all of the world
“Give glory to your King!”

Teresa Marie  1/21/12  ©

In The New Year

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With the coming of
a whole new year

Allow me to make
myself perfectly clear

May you have then
all of your wishes

May life give you
much laugher and kisses

May in this world
so full of demand

All of God’s blessings
be at your command

May God and His angels
be close at hand

Everywhere that you go
upon sea and land

May your friends and family
with their love to impart

Always remember that home
is where it does start

May these Irish blessings
from you never depart

And be held there
deeply within your heart!

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!!

Teresa Marie  12/27/11 ©

Think He Can See Me?

Think that he can see me

In this corner where I hide?

Why didn’t I run away

When my name he cried?


He said he wasn’t mad

But of course he lied

And said he would kill me

If again from him I hide


Think he can see me?

I hurt so bad inside

I called the cops this time

In them did I confide


Oh God, please shelter me

Angels be at my side

Don’t let him find me

My last tear I have cried


Said they were on the way

To go somewhere I could hide

And they’d take care of him

Just as soon as they arrived!


Teresa Marie  8/19/11

For all of the abused out there – there is hope!  Cling to your faith ’cause that’s the one thing that they can’t ever take away from you.