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Hello Friends,

I haven’t seen many of you on the new blog yet.  Since I believe that some of you would care to know about the upheaval in & total destruction of part of my life, I am posting the links to my new blog posts.  I hope to see you visit me there.

Love, peace & blessings to all,

Teresa Marie


Free Write Friday; Give this Picture a Story; Sweet Revenge

I give you a picture; you give me a story. Don’t make notes, don’t ponder your execution, just look at the photo andwhatever pops into your head first, begin writing based on that thought

Free Write Friday; Give this Picture a Story

by Kellie Elmore

I Dare

The Gift

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Pain That Does

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Pain that does
in a heart remain

Can only serve
to rage sustain

Life from us
it does drain 

If  we harbor
oceans of disdain

And by that
what do we gain

When from it
we don’t refrain? 

What a heart
can not contain 

If choked down
drives one insane

But the remedy 
is very plain

No long instructions
to ever explain

As the clouds
release their rain

Setting it free
makes whole again!

Teresa Marie  1/10/12  ©

A Dark Side

We all do possess
a much darker side
That is only waiting
 for the first tide

 When our anger is
way out of control
For in our rage
does it become whole

That it may then
overcome what is good
Making us say things
that we never should

And do the things
we normally don’t do
As the darker side
takes power over you

But the choice does
belong to us all
If on the tide
we rise or fall

For our anger we
must keep in check
This is what God
does from us expect

That the good side
may overcome the dark
We must hold fast
to our Divine spark!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

In Your Anger

In your anger
do not sin
for no reward
will you win

Don’t let the
sun go down
while you still
wear a frown

For anger does
no good thing
upon your soul
sin does bring

And the devil
do not give
a stronghold ever
where you live

‘Cause to then
get him out
before he fills
you with doubt

Is much harder
than you think
and a bitter
cup to drink

You must let
your anger go
that no sin
begins to grow!

Teresa Marie  10/5/11


Adrift’s where you’ve left me
alone on an angry sea

With the waves to ride
as my fear grows inside

What am I gonna do
 drift here crying over you?

My ship of life you’ve wrecked
but what did I ever expect?

You can’t do this to me
when the shore I can see

All you need to understand
 is that one day I’ll land

Won’t let you take me down
I know there is solid ground

I’ll crawl across the beach
until a new life I reach

Then I’ll show all of you
what a determined woman can do!

Teresa Marie  8/19/11

Keep your chin up, Shawna!
Stand tall and proud for you’ve done nothing to be ashamed of and you are stronger than what you think.


Not A Word

Now the fireworks
that desire display
have beauty lost
turned to grey

For, my love,
you left today
not one word
did you say

Where did we
lose our way?
Where’s the love
of yesterday?

My heart’s gone
lost in the frey
now you’ve become
my anger’s prey

I am so hurt
 you went away
I want revenge
this very day

But I love you
what can I say
to make you run
right back today?

God help me, please,
don’t let me stay
so broken hearted
this I pray

Teresa Marie   8/12/11



Kiss, Laugh, Love, Forgive

Life is much too short
to be worried over things
or with others to consort
for the treasures money brings

Love will give you bliss
that no money could afford
when a slow, gentle kiss
is more to be adored

To laugh like you’re insane
the best medicine you’ll discover
and for happiness to remain
be playful with your lover

To your love be true
or it’s not love at all
if this you do not do
your heart is very small

You must be quick to forgive
put your anger on a shelf
and done each day you live
that you may heal yourself

Then for the very last
let God be your guide
onto Him your burdens cast
and in His shadow hide!