Hi everyone!  I’ve been missing you all very much.

Wanted to drop you a note and say that although I have been too busy to post or reply, I have read your comments along the way.

I also want to apologize for not responding or returning the visits.

I have been through the gambit in the last few weeks.

Happy, nervous, anxious, sick, and dealing with teen-aged anxiety!

The preparations for the sale have kept me extremely busy.  Gathering, pricing, inventory, etc.  So much involved and I have been too worn out to do much of anything else.

But I didn’t want any of you to worry about me and decided to take the time to fill you in.

I promise to be back on a regular schedule as soon as I get through my jewelry sale.  It was going to be this weekend, but with the hurricane effects due in I’m not sure if I should wait for another week or not.  I hate to waste the money advertising and then be rained out all weekend!!

God bless you all, my friends!

Love and hugs,

In The Waiting Room


I wrote this poem while waiting on Mark at the hospital last Tuesday.  He was getting his second round of shots in his back and it was taking much longer than the last time.  I began to worry and pray that nothing went wrong.  Of course, everything was fine and they called me back to get him and take him home.  

As I’m Going Down

Wednesday’s Thought From Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

This Cursed Wheel!!

* For my eldest;  I love you more than you could know

I love you more each second you grow

I love you more than I can show

and I’ll love you wherever you go!!

The Voices Calling Me

Felt someone was watching me
in the middle of the night
Wondering who it could be
gave me such a fright
Voices calling out to me
I turned on the light
But nothing do I see
as my fear took flight

From the bed I arose
walking to the top stair
Felt someone was very close
it gave me quite a scare
Heart pounding a healthy dose
of blood to my hair
As on my arm it froze
standing straight up in the air 

The voices clearly calling me
to come to them outside
The trembling began to be
more than I could hide
In evening fog couldn’t see
as the fear I ride
In waves coming over me
just like an ocean tide

Couldn’t take it very long
before I had to go
The panic became too strong
thought my heart would blow
I didn’t care what’s wrong
or even want to know
Here I just didn’t belong
as the anxiety did grow

Then a different voice I heard
saying, “Yes, please now hurry!”
And so without another word
I then began to scurry
It all seemed so absurd
’til I felt something furry
As if feathers on a bird
as they spread and flurry

Gave out a little shout
as the fog I did clear
And when I turned about
’twas an angel standing near
Of this I’ve no doubt
she fiercely held a spear
And with it pointed out
while saying not to fear

 As I then turned around
 I could only just stare
‘Cause what I had found
is the truth I declare
The voices and every sound
that came from anywhere
From many demons did abound
who were now standing there!

Teresa Marie   9/15/11