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What about God?

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Dear Lord,
     give us Your peace.
          The ways of the world frighten me so,
                I can barely conceive it!
                     Persecution of Your children
                     all across the earth,
                     hatred of Jews and Christians
                     again has given birth.

Dear Lord,
     give us Your peace.
          The ways of the world anger me so,
               I can barely contain it!
                    There are people every day
                    who lie, cheat and steal,
                    with no thought of judgment
                    for eternity to feel.

Dear Lord,
     give us Your peace.
          The ways for the world sadden me so,
               I can barely believe it!
                    No sympathy, no emotion
                    or compassion moved to tears,
                    such selfishness I have not seen
                    in all my living years.

Dear Lord,
     give us Your peace.
          The ways of the world will…

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In Your Boat

And Hell Erupted On Earth – This Week’s Picture it & Write

Tourists crowded the space like a herd of cattle. I set up my easel and exposed my paints to the scene before me. Together we would create a masterpiece¬†landscape. I raised the quivering tip of my paintbrush to the blank canvas but a tremor threw me out of my chair. My easel fell to the ground like a wounded animal, bleeding paint. Another tremor disturbed the ground. I suddenly registered that people were screaming. The rush of footsteps created a sinister murmur.¬†This¬†couldn’t¬†be happening, I thought,the volcano is dormant. I was frozen to the spot. People bustled me to the side. Those who didn‚Äôt get up were trampled. The screaming halted for a moment. A deafening roar exploded from the picturesque landscape.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And hell erupted on earth
rising up from the core

Spewing it’s vilest poison
lapping tongue of a whore 

Forked in demonic nature
ragged horns jutted forth

Ashes up from the pit
foul winds blowing them north

The screams all around me
were nothing to even compare

To the anguish I heard
crying for me to beware

As the multi-headed dragon
from within the lava arose

While there came a great wailing
as a mother in birth-pain throws

Beside it were a thousand demons
whose putrid stench filled the air 

 Vomited out of the pit
with Armageddon to declare

Then I woke up gagging
nostrils holding the smell

From that most frightening scene
of the world’s coming hell

“Dear God, dear God, dear God,”
I then began to pray

“Leave me not behind
to face that Judgement Day! 

But rather my dear God
this I beg of Thee

If You would only allow
that ‘chosen’ I would be!”¬†

Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Poetry Picnic Week 24: Free Linking

The Twelfth To Never

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In the year 2012
the Mayan calendar does end

And to some it’s clear
the message it does send

That the final payment
from the world that’s owed

Will be taken from us
is what it does forebode

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And ’tis the year
the four horsemen will come

To ravage our world
as through it they run

When the wrath of God
shall down upon us fall

 Regardless that we are
deserving of it at all

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And make no mistake
to them it’s not pretend

That in all reality
2012 is the end

Of this world we live
by finish of next year

That there’ll be none left
as they live in fear

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But just allow me
this one thing to say

Only God Almighty knows
the hour and the day

So let all these other
things be as forgot

For it’s up to Him
if it happens or not!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11 ©