30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 15 — The person you miss the most

To have to pick someone
that I miss the most
is impossible to do

But for this letter’s sake
and the prompt given
I will name you two

With whom I had spent
many of the summers
in my younger years

And have wonderful memories
of the days shared
with laughter and tears

One of the nicest 
people in the world
would just have to be

Out of my mother’s
five brothers and seven sisters
would be my Aunt Eddie 

Along with her husband
who was my Uncle Gale
that I have dearly missed

Who with love and joy
my heart  and soul
was forever by them kissed!

And so it is
in the deepest of
loving memory

I dedicate this poem
to these special two
who have blessed me! 

Teresa Marie  2/26/12 ©



30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 11

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In memory of my Aunt Louise
how dearly I miss you

One always there for me
you loved me through and through

I was treated like the daughter
that was not given you

 You were the second mother
that I was blessed with too

I know you are in heaven
where from all pain you’re free

And that I’m finally happy
you are glad to see

Until the day I join you
there in my eternity

I know you’re the Irish Angel
who’s watching over me!!

I love you, Louise!

Teresa Marie  2/7/12 © 

Letter 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to