Some Updates 

Late in November of last year we lost Mark’s father.  Al lost his battle with cancer and he is dearly missed.  Thank God he only lasted about a week on hospice when the angels took him home.  Sebastian was his buddy and he still looks for him every time he goes to their house.  He knows he’s not in the bed anymore, so he talks to Poppy’s picture instead ūüė¶

Speaking of Sebastian, he’s 18 months old already!  Remember this little guy?

Well, here he is now…

And those sweet little twin babies my son had…

And let’s not forget my two little scholars…

Where does the time go?  I can feel myself aging by the minute!  

Last but not least, some of my latest work…

I hope everybody has been as well as can be expected!!

God bless and keep you all,  Terri

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

(image source

Hope is the essence

of the most innocent child

to grace your presence

Teresa Marie 1/27/12 ©




Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

by frizztext


Another Night

Another night
so quickly passed

Though I know
not the last

You were born
ever so small

Now you are
not at all

Used to watch
as you slept

And soft tears
I quietly wept

As in innocence
there you lay

Still thanking God
for you today!

Teresa Marie  10/21/11


Sleep, my little baby-by

You’re the apple of my eye

I don’t care if you cry

You’ll always be my punkin’ pie

When you sleep you give a sigh

In your crib where you lie

Angels protect you my sweetie-pie

In your dreams with them fly

How I feel words defy

Except on this you can rely

I will love you ’til I die

Because you are my baby-by!

Teresa Marie   8/4/11