Left Standing

Endless War

They Fight – picture it & write Prompt 2

Metal clashed against metal as the blade glanced off the warrior’s armor.  The battle field was stained with blood and the wind carried moans into the abyss of the deserted town.  The dying were left to die with no one left to bury them.  Angered by the drink it could not help but absorb, the earth decided to rebel.  The fighting would end, one way or another.  Just as the victorious warrior ran his blade through the wounded flesh of the other, they both turned into trees, locked together forever.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

image found on Facebook.

An endless battle they fight
once of steel and might

Now with their wooden limbs
locked together enduring the winds

As through time they go
joined to their eternal foe

And neither will have won
when all’s said and done

Ever to ask the question of war
 “What exactly are you good for?”

Teresa Marie  12/11/11

Picture it & Write

by Ermilia