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My Thursday Thoughts – Doubt And Faith

Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith.

Paul Tillich

When I read my Today’s Thought e-mail this morning, this quote was on it.  What did you think when you just now read it?  It struck me as being a profound truth.  I had never thought of it that way until today.

I have written it in poems and on my daily posts, faith is a choice we each have to make for ourselves.  We either choose to believe in the Trinity and, thereby, the Bible or not.  I don’t mean to make it sound simplistic because I know that it’s not.  I’m just trying to break it down to its most basic elements.  I see those choices like this:

1)   You believe in an Almighty God Who created the heavens and the earth or not.  And if you believe that;
2)   You believe that Jesus lived and died on the cross or not.  And, if you believe that;
3)   You believe in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, that He said He would send in His place or not.  And if you believe that;
4)   You believe in the Holy Bible and what it says, for it is the Word of God written by man by Divine inspiration or not.  And if you believe that;
5)   You believe that there is a Satan and a hell where the damned will go after this life or not.  And if you believe all that;
6)   You believe there are commandments that we are to adhere to in this life that are set forth to guide how we are to live it.

Those are things that you have to make a conscious, deliberate choice to believe.  I find it refreshing and also somewhat thought-provoking that they are now, at this time in history, making all kinds of archeological finds that are proving the accuracy of the Bible.  It, to me, is confirmation to the believers and inspiration to the non-believers. 

As to the quote, if you don’t have times of doubt to overcome when you question God and His existence, then what is faith?  If you just automatically believed, what would you have to choose?  If you didn’t have freewill to make choices, what would you need faith for?  God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, They want us to make that choice for ourselves as to whether we are going to believe Them or not. 

Maybe it’s that simple to me because I was raised to believe.  But, as to those who weren’t, you make choices of belief every day.  You choose to believe your friends, spouse, children, ect. and what they tell you without proof all the time.  Why not choose to believe in the Trinity?  Until later…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Have faith,
Teresa Marie

As A Flower Blooms

As a flower does our faith.

begin with one tiny seed.

You plant,



and water it.

It’s growth depends on you,

with care and effort

you can see it progress.

A little shoot appears,

a stem,


and leaves.

Then it will bud,

and fill out

until it’s in full bloom!

Teresa Marie  4/11/11