The Best Of A Friend (Chõka)



For Penny!

I love you!!

Ocean Of Love


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For Mark, I love you!

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Letter 1; Best Friend

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About my best friend Penny
what can I ever say

She truly is the best
in every kind of way

From the very first day
that our friendship did begin

Right up to the present
we’ve been through thick and thin

When the heaps upon us
life did seem to pile

Together we have walked
each and every mile

All through the good times
and even those so bad

There has never been
a better friend I’ve had

I’ve accepted all her faults
just as she has mine

In my times of weakness
she has been my spine

To say that I love her
just doesn’t seem enough

Yet to say it better
would be kind of rough

She is the bestest friend
that there could ever be

And I’m so very grateful
that God gave her to me!

Teresa Marie 1/15/12 ©

Sees The First Tear

A good friend’s who
sees the first tear

And to their heart
you’re the most dear

They catch the second
falling from your eye

For on their compassion
you always can rely

While the third tear
they do then stop

That you don’t cry
even one more drop

My darling you’re who
does this for me

You’re the best friend
that anyone could be

And for this alone
I’d forever love you

But there’s so much more
than just this you do!

Teresa Marie  10/9/11   
Theme: Friends, Relationships, and Everyone around us.

The Best Surprise

You’re the best surprise
that could ever be

When God has given
a blessing unto me

How I do love you
you are the very best

You’ve always come through
each and every test

That life has thrown
at us both together

I should have known
how them you’d weather

With flying colors too
you’ve stood by me

And I’ll love you
for all eternity!

For my loving husband Mark! 
My soul mate, best friend and the love of my life.

Teresa Marie  10/9/11