The Penguin And Eskimo

The penguin and Eskimo
had a staring contest
to prove which one
of them was best

So on and on
they both did go
until they were all
covered up with snow

And neither of them
had won or lost
both stood the test
but at what cost?

Teresa Marie  11/19/11

A lesson on stubbornness

The Best Surprise

You’re the best surprise
that could ever be

When God has given
a blessing unto me

How I do love you
you are the very best

You’ve always come through
each and every test

That life has thrown
at us both together

I should have known
how them you’d weather

With flying colors too
you’ve stood by me

And I’ll love you
for all eternity!

For my loving husband Mark! 
My soul mate, best friend and the love of my life.

Teresa Marie  10/9/11