All That’s Left


This Mortal Hallway

Black Hole

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For my friends who are suffering with depression right now.  Just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel and I love you all very much.  Praying for brighter days to come soon!

Something Feigned

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For all of those who are hurting right now from some sort of betrayal, you know who you are – and you are beautiful to me!!

The Proposal – Part VIII

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By this time we had almost reached them.  When daddy saw it was us coming to help, he heaved mother farther up the capsized boat and on to its bottom so that we could pull along side to help her into ours.  Once that was accomplished, Adrian aided daddy.  Mother sat there glaring at the three of us with only a mumbled word of thanks. 

Daddy shook Adrian’s hand profusely and hugged me, then he turned to face mother saying, “This isn’t finished yet!  We have more to talk about concerning this mess when we get home!”

When we reached the shore, Adrian said that he would ride along with us until we came to the fork where his turn off was to go home if that was acceptable to father.  Daddy said that it was as he turned and glared at mother, daring her to say one objection. 

I could see that she had her teeth clamped together and the muscles in her jaw were working as she grit them, but never even looked back at daddy or Adrian.  Rather she stared straight ahead and her back was hunched in some manner of submission or resignation, one of the two.  Adrian rode on daddy’s side of the wagon and was leaning down talking to him in hushed volume.  Of course, I knew what the conversation was about and I could see mother was straining her ears to hear the words being said when all at once she let out a blood curdling scream, “Noooooo!”

Adrian shot right straight up in his saddle, daddy turned to mother with his mouth gaping opened and I stood up in the wagon to face her.  “What in the world, mother, you scared us all half to death!!  What is wrong with you?!”

I had never heard my mother stammering and at a loss for words before in my life but there she was, “I, I, ffforbidd it..  I, I…”

Daddy’s face was as red as our barn by now as he shouted, “Miriam, you had better blurt it out now as to why you are ‘ffforbidding’ this proposal from Adrian or I am going to accept it right this minute!”

Mother’s face was as white as a ghost, she was shaking so hard you would have thought that she was sitting there all wet in the dead of winter and her head kept moving back and forth.  I looked over at daddy and then up at Adrian.  He was the one gritting his teeth now.  Adrian is always such a gentle, peaceable man.  I couldn’t recollect one time in all the years that I had known him that I’d ever seen him loose his composure.

“Miriam!”, daddy’s voice thundered louder than the storm of the previous night as mother and I both jumped.

I looked back down at her just in time to see her face was whiter than snow.  Her lips were moving, trying to form the words, attempting to make the sound come out.  It seemed like an eternity had gone by when she finally said, “BECAUSE HE’S HER BROTHER!” and then fainted dead away…

Teresa Marie  11/24/11

Turn to Gray

As I sit here swinging away
all my thoughts turn to gray

How my heart you did betray
when you threw my love away

I have no word to say
and my hopes are in decay

This life has begun to fray
all to my broken heart’s dismay

How can I to you convey
what you’ve done to me today?

So I sit here swinging away
in attempt the pain to delay

As the damage I do assay
and dream of a better day!

Teresa Marie  11/18/11

Painted On My Soul

As I watched you
turn and walk away
there were no words
that I could say

At that very moment
I was struck dumb
my heart had dropped
my mind was numb

Painted on my soul
there will forever be
the depth of pain
etched by this memory

Of what you did
 my heart you betray
on the very eve
of our wedding day!

Teresa Marie  11/5/11