Castles of Sand


Rejoicing In The Lord

Rejoicing in the Lord
giving to Him praise
that He be adored
all our living days

Stated in the Word
this we should do
a message I’ve heard
try to follow through

It’s easy to forget
in our busy day
if our mind’s set
we’ll find a way

Glory we need give
to His Holy Name
every day we live
and be without blame!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

Blaming Our Generation








It seems that everybody
is blaming our generation

Yet I don’t understand
and need some clarification

So let’s all give it
a little closer inspection

‘Cause I must ask
of you a question

Before you go push 
us  over the brink

Have you ever stopped
for a minute to think

Who was it that
raised us this way

And who has taught us
as we grew each day?

Before you go off
trying us to shame

Don’t you think we both
must share in the blame?

Teresa Marie  10/12/11


Use Any of My Names

Allow me to introduce myself
you should know my name
though I’m known by many
you can call me BLAME

Or if you would prefer
to use a different one
there is always MISERY
let’s have a little fun

Some will call me DEATH
and then others use PAIN
SIN’s a good one too
when your soul I stain

You can call me TRAVESTY
or TRAV’s okay for short
I like the name TRAGEDY
when it is my first resort

are others that do apply
and plenty people out there
will see me when they die

They’ll visit me at home
for more than just a spell
when this life is over
and they go to hell.

Teresa Marie   8/17/11