The Moment is Right

This is to my immediate family as well as to all of you – my cyber family!!  Thank you for all of the support you have given us over the past year (or I should say the past 4 years!!)  I love and appreciate you all.  May God bless you richly, keep you safely in the palm of His hand and grant you the Merriest Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – along with a Happy New Year too 🙂  xxxxxxxxxxxxx o

(BTW:  Mark just got his third opinion last week, that doctor concurred with the first two and their diagnosis. 😦  BUT, we will not allow it to dampen our Holidays.  I plan on enjoying however much time God grants us together; hoping and praying for another miracle Christmas like the one He gave us a few years back when my brother wasn’t supposed to live long enough to see the day and we still have him!!)

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Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 3

“I don’t know any of that, I’m just telling you my part of this and that’s all I know!  I was told to go home and continue praying for the next step of my faith journey.” the voice was gentler now.  ”Good luck and God bless you!” and with that the line was dead.

Reggie was visibly shaking now.  The waiter returned to the table and asked if she was cold and would like something to put around her shoulders.  She graciously declined and began to nibble at her food, but her appetite had diminished considerably since the phone call.  Then she called to the waiter and asked, “When is the next train station?”

“You have almost 30 minutes before we arrive at our next stop, madam.” was his reply as he turned to walk away once more.

Reggie wanted time to pray about these latest developments, so she hurried back to her seat and began to do just that.  “Father, I’m so confused and don’t know what it is that you want from me.  I’m doing my best to go on blind faith and trust here but this isn’t easy for me and You know it!”

Deep in thought and prayer, she almost missed her stop again.  After disembarking the train, Reggie went to the ticket counter to inquire about a room to stay in.

“You are in luck,” the gentleman replied to her query, “there’s one across the street that is owned by my brother-in-law!!  It is affordable and very well-kept.”

“Thank you so much!” she said and with that picked up her luggage and exited the station.   Upon entering the hostel, Reggie saw that it was indeed a very nice and tidy establishment.  “So far so good!” she said to herself.

As she approached the check in counter, an unkept woman with three children walked up to her.  Reggie smiled at her and said “Hello.”

The woman immediately burst into tears.  Reggie was taken back for a moment.  “Can I do something to help you?” she asked her.

“Please, ma’am, could you spare some change so that I could get a room and something to eat for my children?  My husband brought us to this town and then disappeared and we are so very hungry.  He left us with no money at all!” the woman replied with a wail.

“Sure,” she said and with that pulled the wallet out of her purse and handed her $300.

The woman’s eyes were bigger than silver dollars at the sight of the money.  “May God richly bless you for this!!!”…   to be continued.

Teresa Marie 5/15/12 ©

#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore

Walking Around The World – Via Mom

This is one of those chain e-mails, mom sent it to me and I was going to forward it to some people but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.  I usally don’t but this one was to good not to.  So since I failed on e-mailing it, I decided to put it here and send it through WordPress.  If you like, you can do the same with the e-mail tab at the bottom of my pages:





When  He gets to your PC, escort Him to the next stop.  Please don’t allow Him to sleep on your PC.

The message He is carrying is very important and needs to go around.

May God bless you as you do this- AMEN.

Walking for Jesus!

Say a prayer, and then pass Him on to bless others:

“Oh God, please help all the unemployed, the hungry, the homeless, all who suffer from fear and hate, and especially some kind of disease , illness and are grieving for loss of loved ones. 

Be with our soldiers, please watch over them. 

We pray that our COUNTRY will, once again, return to “One Nation Under God“.

Have a blessed day and touch somebody’s life today!  I just did.

He’s walking around the world – via e-mail!!  Pass it on! Keep Him moving…