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Get Well Soon, Yannery

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This poem is dedicated to the following young lady.  My God bless her and keep her, may He put His arms around her, may He shower her with His loving presence and give her hope, just as He did for me!

I received a message today and was asked to share this with my followers.  I was happy to help out in any way that I can.  First let me give you a little of the background that I got off the the Facebook page:

May 1, 1994
“The girls with the prettiest smiles always have the tragic stories.”
Her dream is to be a rising skyscraper; lets help her move to the first step of recovery and the healing of a broken heart. A simple word of encouragement or a quick, helpful note of recovery may be all that she needs.
– February 9, 2012 around 9 PM, Fire Rescue Team, Paramedics, & Police Officers arrived at her house to find out she overdosed on Extra Strength Tylenol PM Pills.

– She has been suffering from depression for the last couple months from a broken heart and several other events that occurred around the same time.

– Overdose may seem like a mainstream thing, but it is a serious matter. We could have lost her. She could have never waken up.


Show some love on this page, like it, and share it out. Her story may save another life. We wish nothing but the best for her. It is obvious she has been through enough and we hope to see her recover sooner than we expect.I think that’s one of the worst things to see. Seeing someone who has a smile on their face, but sadness in their eyes. Watching someone try to be so strong and pretending to b…See More


–   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yannery-Cabrera-Get-Well-Soon/190104051090552?sk=info


Please stop by her page and offer your encouragement to her as well!!  Thank you so much.  Love and blessings to you all, Terri


My heart’s broken

Ripped in two

Tried to mend it

Best I could do

But you keep picking

Out all the seams

Offering up the illusion

Of all my lost dreams

As if there were

Truly a chance

But we have now

Danced our last dance

For the reality is

I must move on

Whatever we had

Is long gone

And I’ll be okay

My heart will mend

It’s just the beginning

And far from the end!

Teresa Marie  9/6/11

For you, Shawna Marie.  I love you so much and remember this is just another bend in the road.
You are a bright, beautiful and loving young woman.  I’m so proud to call you my daughter!!


Left Standing Alone

You left me standing alone

The church was full today

The ringing of my cell phone

I wanted to run away

I’m sorry’s all you said

With so many staring faces

Wished you were dead

A tear my cheek traces

Was none of it meant?

The passion was it fake?

When we lay together spent

Was all a big mistake?

Hate you for doing this

Should have told me before

And given me a kiss

Before you hit the door.

Teresa Marie  8/16/11

Poetry Potluck Week 48:
Passionate Nights of Love

Overflow Of The Heart

“From the overflow of the heart does the mouth speak.  Loose lips are the mirror to the soul.”  – Vera Damanka


It is from the overflow
that springs from the heart
the true you I know
was hidden from the start

And your mouth does speak
the words you don’t say
for only do you seek
 to get your own way

But you have loose lips
which your soul do mirror
and from them it slips
a reflection that’s much clearer

My heart you have broken
no matter what you say
the words your heart has spoken
have made it plain as day.

Teresa Marie  7/8/11

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