My Rubber Duck

My rubber duck
can only squeak
how I wish
he could speak

In my bath
does my duck
on bubbles float
until he’s stuck

And I will
then push him
around the bubbles
making him swim

At bath time
he seems real
as with laughter
I do peal

But the time
that I’m done
he’s once again
a rubber one!

Teresa Marie  11/9/11



The Butterfly Fairy

I’m the good fairy
of all the butterflies

That do fly through
the bright blue skies

I love blowing bubbles
magic contained for all

Putting guards around them
 both large and small

The butterflies love this
kindness that I do

And my magic bubbles
aren’t seen by you

Must be a fairy
my bubbles to see

Or in your imagination
pretend that you may be!

Teresa Marie  10/4/11

Bubbles In The Air

Bubbles in the air
float away each care

Off to someplace where
they pop in despair

At bubbles I stare
soothing touch I declare

My bubbles I’ll share
I’ve plenty to spare

Blow them most anywhere
that you’d ever dare

Cast away your care
with bubbles in the air!!

Teresa Marie  9/28/11

 Short Story Slam Week 11 submission #1