Catching Bugs

Once into the wood
out I had set
 with a couple of jars
and my little net

I thought I’d go
catch me some bugs
I had one moth
and a couple of slugs

But then I saw
or I thought so
the light of a firefly
starting to glow

So with my net
I chased it around
until I trapped it
against the soft ground

When I opened a jar
and dropped it in
my jaw fell open
as air I sucked in

To let out a whistle
for what was there
was not a bug
I do declare

But rather a fairy
stared back at me
from inside that jar
in complete misery

I saw her crying
and started to pout
when I realized I must
let her back out

I grasped the lid
and twisted it slow
as I wiped a tear
before more could go

I said to her
“Go on, you’re free”
then she flew out
and sat on  my knee

We became friends
as we talked
flying beside me
while home I walked

She comes every night
just to see me
right through the window
in my fantasy!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11