I’m Celebrating Milestones Today!

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Okay, I know this is tooting my own horn but I just couldn’t help it!

As of today:

I have surpassed 375,000 hits

I have also surpassed 2,300 posts

Between all of my sites that I’m linked into; including those not counted in my followers by WordPress; I have just hit the 800  total followers mark!

I am absolutely thrilled and would like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible for me!!!!

When I first started this blog a little over a year ago, I never dreamed that I would have this much success with it.  But, I told God that I was doing it for His glory and if He found it pleasing, He would bless it.  I think He has!!!

God bless you all too!

love and hugs,


Those Gone Before Us (In direct relation to my discussion of the other day – God moves in mysterious ways!)

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 Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how God moves in our lives.  I just happened to turn on the TV the other day to catch that Dr. OZ show  and write to you all about it.

Tonight I received an e-mail from my mother that was forwarded from my cousin whom I’ve been in close contact with for the last few months concerning her mother (my mom’s sister-in-law).  Aunt Marge has been ill.  We have been praying for her.  She got better and was released from the hospital.  My mother called to say that her, dad, and another aunt and uncle went to see her and how great she looked.  It was a very happy visit, along with encouraging.  Next we heard that she was back in the hospital again.

My cousin had e-mailed my mom, she forwarded it to me and I replied back to my cousin.  I had told her that I would continue to pray for her recovery.  She had stated that they were all praying for God’s will to be done, which I said I also would and hoped it would be that she would stay with us a while longer but that I was also sure that my uncle was probably ready to see her again in heaven too.

Now tonight I read that my lovely, vibrant aunt is tired of fighting for her life.  She is in pain, very sick and worn out.  She told my cousins that she is ready and has stopped taking all medications.  They are working to get her released so that they can take her home with them for her final days/hours/ whatever God gives them.

After bawling for a while, I sat down and wrote this poem for her and my cousins.

Now, back to the Dr. Oz show, this, to me, is not suicide – this is being allowed to die with dignity and of your own choice.  Aunt Marge is in her 80’s, medications would only prolong her suffering without any guarantees of curing her current problems.  I say, go for auntie dear, that is your right to stop taking the antibiotics and whatever else they are giving you.  Go with my love!!!

Had I not watched that show, I would have been less prepared to have dealt with this news tonight.  Thank you, Lord God, for speaking to me in advance!!  As always, You are my Hero!!  Always there for me in whatever way I need You!!!!

Love and blessings, Terri

Celebration – Haiku

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Celebration of

life is found in us doing

the thing that we love


Teresa Marie 1/27/12 © 


Joyous Celebration

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* On

Christmas Eve

in great celebration


we gather

together our family


Newborn King

of God’s creation


receive His

gift of eternity!

Teresa Marie  12/24/11 ©




Dance ‘Til It Hurts

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Dance ’til it hurts
the day I die
so you have reason
for tears to cry

As a great celebration
it needs to be
when the time comes
to enter my eternity

Don’t want you all
to mourn my loss
for it is life
that’s a ring toss

Some win the prize
of many long years
they spend in laughter
between all the tears

And much too early
do others move on
for all time is short
before it is gone

So maybe it’s just
the Irish in me
that desires at death
you throw a party

But then again I would
to be honest and true
have to admit the reason
why I want this from you

Is because I know
what up there awaits
when the time arrives
to enter heaven’s gates

And the joy that
I will have there
has nothing on earth
with which to compare

So dance ’til it hurts
that when you do cry
it won’t be for me
or it would be a lie

‘Cause I will be dancing
with you up there too
and  all of the angels
in my life anew!!

Teresa Marie  12/15/11  ©

My Sunday Thoughts – The Love of Family


Well, we have just recently returned from the celebration for my mother.  It was a combined one for Mother’s Day and Her 80th birthday which was a few days ago.  It was a surprise party but the surprise was on all of us.  The message from my brother said that it was at a pavilion/building at the local park from 11 – 3.  As usual, Mark and I were fashionably late and felt bad about it until we got inside and saw that everyone was just setting up.  Okay, no big deal then.  So we went outside on the wraparound veranda and chatted with other family who were just arriving.  My two daughters came, two of my grandchildren were there along with my brothers and sister.  One of my nephews arrived shortly after us (the servicemen) and Mark and I visited with him for a while.

Everyone began filing inside to wait for my mom and dad to get there.  Mom had told everyone that she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday – no party or anything.  Well that didn’t fly with my dad because they made him celebrate his 80th a couple of years ago and he was bound to get even.  The time started ticking away.  Food was ready and smelling awfully good.  We had not eaten and were pretty hungry.  And we waited.  Finally, one of my brothers called their house but got no answer.  So we waited.  Again finally, one of the other brothers called her cell phone – it was his deal to get her there in the first place – and she answered.  He proceeded to ask her where she was.  She said they were getting some of dad’s prescriptions filled.  He asked when she was coming to pick him up ’cause he had been waiting on her.  After he hung up, we found out what the whole set up had been.

Mom and dad were invited, supposedly, to his house for lunch for Mother’s Day.  He had left his truck in the driveway and a note on the door saying that he was helping a friend set up tables at the pavilion for a gathering that he was having there and would she come pick him up and take him home so that they could have lunch.  What a mix up!  They finally arrived at about 1:20.  After they did, dad told Mark that he was told to get her there at 2.  I said that they should have called him early in the day to make sure he was aware of the time, I mean he is 82 this year for Pete’s sake.  What a mess! 

Beside all that, it was a great day to spend with family.  I always feel bad because there are certain cousins that I know their faces like the back of my hand but I can never remember their names when I need to.  We were half way home when I looked at Mark and said, “That’s pathetic!  Sue and Maryann are their names!!”  He looked at me real puzzled and said, “Who are you talking about?”  I answered, “My two cousins who were talking to us from the table in back of ours!”  He just shook his head and laughed at me.  But really, those are long-term memories and shouldn’t be subject to my memory loss problems.  It is the pits when I do that and I always feel guilty about it later.  Especially about those two!  But they don’t know any difference, I hope.

I hope everyone had as good a day as we did and a Happy Mother’s Day.  The love of family is like no other.  The love of friends is great but nothing beats family.  But then again, in Christ we are all brothers and sisters are we not?  Until later…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Peace be with you,
Teresa Marie