OMG! I Forgot Again!

This is terrible on my part!!  I feel like a perfect ass on this big screw-up; I try so hard to be a woman of my word and I hate when my disease interferes with me maintaining that goal.

Remember when I got all fired up about trying to get medical support and manufacturer backing for polymer clay physical therapy?

Finally, after having every door shut in my face, I gave up.  I didn’t have the energy to pursue it after Mark was diagnosed either.  BUT, I completely forgot to tell you this part!!

I kind of feel like a heel about the results but you all know that my intentions were all good and I was on the up and up about trying to shine the light on how clay has benefitted me, right?!

Well, here’s the thing, I did hear back from one of the manufacturers, Sculpey, and they were extremely supportive of my quest, just not on a long-term basis.  They told me to pick out what colors I wanted ’cause they were shipping me a one time donation of 50 bars of clay!!

I stated that I hadn’t got anything started yet on the weekly workshops I was hoping for and, therefore, could they make sure the clay was good and fresh since I might have to store it for a while.

Long story short, they said don’t worry about it if I ended up using it myself, they just wanted to contribute back into the community whenever possible, something like that.

Darn it!  I wish I had posted this story immediately after everything happened so I could remember the details better!!!!

But hey, I’m just glad I could share that with you all 🙂

Sculpey rules!

Monday’s Verse From Matthew 25

Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 5

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Reggie immediately felt more than she actually heard the amount of $1000, so she counted out 10 of the $100 bills and handed them to Suzette’s mother who was staring at her with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Caroline jumped to her feet and began hugging Regina and thanking her profusely!

Then she could have sworn she heard a whisper in her ear saying, “Well done!”

Not wanting to be praised for something that she had nothing to do with and unable to talk in German with them to explain it, Regina began walking back to her hostel.  Even though she was floating on cloud nine from the adrenaline rush of it all, Reggie was extremely exhausted at the same time.

Absently she wondered why there were so many people out and about on the streets, then she realized it was a Saturday.  She had lost track of what day it was   Then her thoughts quickly turned back to the current little journey she was on here on the European Continent.  Reggie marveled at the way that God had orchestrated everything so perfectly, but then again why not believe it?  After all, God is perfection, is He not?  Therefore His plans are as perfect as He is, ’cause they’re His….

 She had not realized that she was carrying on this conversation with herself out loud until a lovely middle-aged woman walked up to her and began speaking, “He said I’d know who you were when I saw a brunette woman mumbling as she walked. so I just stood here and waited a few minutes and, sure enough, like always, you came strolling into view…”

“Excuse me for interrupting you but who told you I would be mumbling?” Reggie inquired of the lady with a most perplexed look on her face.  “And how did you know i spoke English?  Are you American?”

“I’m sorry, here I go rushing in again!!  Where are my manners, Father?!” she said matter of factly as she glanced towards the heavens.  “Allow me first to introduce myself, I am Monique; I’m from a very small town outside of Paris, France; no, I am not American but I studied at College there for 4 years and learn my English then; and, lastly, I was talking about God!  He told me that you would be mumbling.”

“God?!  Pardon me, please, but I thought you said God?” Reggie managed to stutter out, although her face was quite pale and she looked on the verge of passing out.

A wide smile spread across Monique’s beautiful face and she slung her arm through Reggie’s, like they were old friends or related.  “Shall we go over here to sit for a minute while we talk?”

“Sure.” she squeaked .

Once they were seated, Monique began in, “I was praying this morning and God started a two-way conversation with me about this  little “mission” that you’re on,” at which point she giggled a little, which instantly irritated her.

“What’s so funny?!” Reggie asked her, biting each word off at the end..   To be continued

Teresa Marie 5/17/12 ©

#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore

Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 4

“Sure,” she said and with that pulled the wallet out of her purse and handed her $300.

The woman’s eyes were bigger than silver dollars at the sight of the money.  ”May God richly bless you for this!!!”

Reggie smiled at the woman and walked away with a warm feeling inside.  Silently she whispered to God, “That felt great, Father!  I wish I could do stuff like that every day for the rest of my life!!”

Too keyed up to sleep or sit in a room watching TV, Regina decided to go for a walk and see the sights, whatever that might be.  She had only traveled for a few blocks when she saw a couple walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the street and they were both laughing and whispering to each other.  Right there on the ground was a homeless couple all bundled up in their coats and huddling to get warm.  

A wave of anger shot through Reggie as she realized that the couple went walking right past them while  laughing at the same time.  How cruel people can be, she thought and made a beeline across the street.  Just as she got within hearing distance, Reggie heard the woman sniffling and knew she was crying.

“Don’t pay any attention to snobs like that!” she said practically spitting the words out of her mouth.  The couple both sat up and stared at her with shocked expressions on their faces.  Then it was her turn to be shocked.  Now that they were not hunched over, Reggie could see that they had been sheltering a young girl of about 6 or 7 years old.  Trying to keep her warm more than likely.

“Hi! My name is Reggie, do either of you speak English?”

“Yes, I do!”, the little girl answered her in the sweetest voice she had ever heard, she sounded like an angel.    “My name is Suzette and these are my parents Caroline and Robert.”  The couple stared back at Suzette and spoke rapidly in German to her while gesturing towards Reggie.

“My parents would like to know what you are doing in Switzerland, do you live her or just touring?”

“Actually, this might sound a little crazy but I’m on a sort of mission from God.  I think I’m standing right here at this very moment because I’m supposed to help you.” Reggie replied to the young girl but was looking at her parents as she spoke.  She then reached down into her purse and withdrew the wallet from it.  She opened it up with a silent prayer, “How much God?”  

Reggie immediately felt more than she actually heard the amount of $1000, so she counted out 10 of the $100 bills and handed them to Suzette’s mother who was staring at her with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Caroline jumped to her feet and began hugging Regina and thanking her profusely!

Then she could have sworn she heard a whisper in her ear saying, “Well done!”…   to be continued

Teresa Marie 5/16/12 ©

#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore

The Life You Live (Revisited)

* I wrote this poem back in 2008 after watching a program about the skyrocketing numbers of homeless in America.  With so many families losing their houses, children sleeping in the streets and going to school with hope of a meal for the day, etc.  I cried through the whole thing and then sat down and wrote this poem.

A Thought For Your Tuesday


You who are letting miserable misunderstandings run on from year to year, meaning to clear them up some day; you who are keeping wretched quarrels alive because you cannot quite make up your minds that now is the day to sacrifice your pride and kill them; you who are letting your neighbor starve until you hear that he is dying of starvation or letting your friend’s heart ache for a word of appreciation or sympathy, which you mean to give him some day; if you could only know and see and feel all of a sudden that time is short, how it would break the “spell.”  How you would go instantly and do the thing which you might never have another chance to do.


Phillips Brooks

A Thought For Your Monday

Change For A Dollar – Via Mom – Warning, It Will Make You Cry!

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Just A Little Child

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I’m just a little child
why doesn’t anybody see

That almost every day
I go to bed hungry?

While I live here in
the land of the free

Seems that nobody cares
one bit about me

I think that I am
though you may not agree

More important than those animals
on TV that you see

When so many here in
the land of milk and honey

Donate to their welfare
huge amounts of money

I just have to wonder
“And what about me?”

Guess nobody really cares
that I go to bed hungry

Yet I know that Jesus
my stomach pain does see

For He is the One
Who truly does love me!

Teresa Marie  12/7/11



Just How It’s Supposed To Be?

I stuck my tongue out to catch the falling snowflakes. They fell upon my shoulders like dandruff but none landed on my tongue. An incoherent babble grew louder to my left. My attention shifted. An old, scraggly man hidden beneath an overgrown beard was “singing” for money. Living in the city desensitized people from the sights of the homeless. I stopped in mid-stride. He looked so pitiful and guilt constricted my heart. I couldn’t walk away, not this time. I scouted my pockets for a couple of coins and found five dollars. I left it in his hat and he grinned revealing all four of his teeth. My fingers caressed my pregnant stomach as I walked away. Maybe I hadn’t saved the man but with each act of kindness I could strive for a better world for my unborn child.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And isn’t that just
how it’s supposed to be?
But way too many
the homeless don’t see

As being one of
the downtrodden and poor
and rather as those
who don’t try anymore

For our society does
no longer even care
“it’s their own fault”
does the public declare

Where is the compassion
that God does command?
“Look out for yourself”
of them we demand

To all those with
no change to spare
all I can say
is you’d better beware

‘Cause in this world
we’re living in today
you may be the next
to have it all taken away!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11

__picture it & write

by Ermilia