Secret Liaisons

Allow me to entice you
with my most appealing allure
As I invite you in to
a  liaison that’s so unpure

And together will we lie
behind the closed door where
All that happens we’ll deny
’cause you were never there

Our secrets will we confide
each time that we meet
As from others we hide
to share in our conceit

For what they don’t know
can never hurt someone
We just can’t let show
what in secret we’ve done!

‘Cause it will be exciting
and add a little spice
I know it’s so inviting
you need not think twice

I’ll hide away from you
the truth of my fire
Until the time comes due
for your life to expire

Then you will see me
in a whole new light
As forever you spend eternity
with demons in hell to fight!

Teresa Marie   9/15/11


Don’t You See?

My heart is broken
don’t you see

Why did you
do this to me?

Eight years of marriage
are now lost

You didn’t even
consider the cost

Why did you go
 and cheat on me?

You left me here
drowning in misery

Did you think
this was a game?

It’s all over and
you’re to blame

All I do
is cry and cry

Until my tears
have all run dry

And now you want
me to stay

But I can’t pretend
it all away

Time has come
to move on

For whatever we had
is now gone

Why oh why?
God please help me

Find my way
’cause I can’t see!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11