Dance, Love, Sing, Live

Dance as though no one’s watching
to see how well you do
that way you will be free
to jitterbug the whole night through

Love as though you have never 
been hurt by someone ever before
so you can freely give love
to the one that you adore

Sing as though no one can
even hear what song you sing
then no matter if you’re flat
there’s happiness that it will bring

And live as though heaven is
here on the earth every day
for you’re a child of God
so you should live that way!!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

As He Intended

Dare  to be different

Stand out in a crowd

Know what you believe

Say it out loud

Don’t conform to what

Others say you should

Do what is right

Work for the common good

For you are unique

One of a kind

Be the original version

That God had in mind

In your mother’s womb

When He created you

Just the way you are

Live as He intended you to!

Teresa Mari  8/21/11