I Was A Frog

Dreamed one night
I was a frog

Living out in
a celery bog

Came swimming out
from under a log

In the dim light
of heavy fog


Re-deep was all
that I could say

As I swam
along the way

When to a fish
I became the prey

Fighting to live
for another day


The only thing
left  to do

Was to hide
from his view

So that log
I crawled onto

As he swam on
I thought “whew!”


Then I woke up
from that crazy dream

With a big jump
and a re-deep scream

‘Twas to me
it did seem

A frog’s life
isn’t peaches & cream!

 Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©




My Imaginary Friend

When I’m with
my imaginary friend
His long neck
he does bend

A kiss to plant
on my cheek
Which does tickle
and I squeak

Makes me laugh
he’s so funny
My best friend
is a dino-bunny

With a dinosaur’s neck
and stout body too
He will most anything
I ask him do

He has bunny ears
with a bunny tail
As a best friend
he does not fail

Together we giggle
’til we’re in tears
And he chases away
all of my fears

I see him
most every day
Outside we go
play and play

We always do have
the most incredible time
To give him up
would be a crime

My best friend
he’ll always be
This half dinosaur
and half bunny!

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

Stepping Through The Mirror

Stepping through the mirror
what a shock to see
when a whole other world
was there before me 

The people were real
and so finely gowned
almost screamed with glee
at what I had found

 They failed to notice
as they all talked
in the same direction
seemed everybody walked

I began to back up
not to draw attention
hand toward my face
I held in suspension

A most elegant glove
was donning my hand
as my foot caught
on my hem’s band

I thought what’s this
as I looked down
I saw my attire
a gorgeous ball gown 

I felt like Cinderella
and followed the crowd
to an elegant hall
where music played loud

As I entered in
they announced my name
when the royal prince
then did graciously exclaim

Now you have arrived
the wedding may begin
and I figured that
 heaven I was in

That’s when I awoke
‘twas a dream I’d seen
but what an adventure
it had truly been

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here kitty, kitty!
Wherever can you be?
So many crazy thoughts
well up in me

Did a wild animal
eat my little kitty?
Did she get lost
somewhere in the city?

Looking high and low
her I did not see
‘Til looking out back
in the big old tree

That’s where I found
my precious little kitty
Sitting up in there
looking oh so pretty

Gazing up at her
what did I see
Not one or two
now there were three

All putting on airs
living wild and free
With their little house
built in my tree

As she looked down
kitty said to me
This is my new home
and where I wanna be

I began to cry
it was such a pity
Thought I’d die without
my precious little kitty

“Hush my little child
no need to worry
In the summer shine
or the winter’s flurry

You’re welcome any time
to come visit me!
I just wanna home
and my own family.”

A thought then occurred
to make me very happy
if my little kitty
would only just agree

Okay, I then said
do this for me
When they do come
can I have a baby?

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

Short Story Slam Week 6 – Two Peas In A Pod

The elephant and the dog
the weirdest of friends agreed
but two peas in a pod
are best of friends indeed

From when they were just babies
through each and every day
you could always find them together
as they would run and play

Although they were so different
they didn’t seem to care
’cause things like that don’t matter
when you learn how to share

As their parents watched them
they must have looked so odd
but I am quite certain
they were blessed by God

So as you gaze into the stars
on some cool country night
think of the dog and elephant 
as your imagination takes flight

Terri 7/20/11