Hatching A Plan



Flight of Fantasy – Tanka



The Holy Cow

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The Frog’s Joke

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Magic Tree

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Sun Shining Bright – Haiku

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A Man Frozen

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

There once was a man
whose name was Stan

One day walking along
whistling a happy song

When he did see
a most splendid tree

And made a big mistake
something from it to take

‘Twas ever so tragic
for the tree was magic

He was frozen in place
to his utter disgrace

Birds nested in his hair
and critters from everywhere

Used him all the time
as a means to climb

For he could not move
nor even to disapprove

And so it is I’m guessin’
we should learn a lesson

If ever a magic tree
you should happen to see

You’d better keep it real
and nothing from it steal

Or you could be frozen
that’s just what I’m supposin’

Teresa Marie  1/29/12 © 




The Pirates Fail

(image source: latoro.ru)

In a large ship
off the pirates sail

But little they did know
how badly they would fail

For when the high winds
all of a sudden died

Warnings from the crow’s nest
out to them were cried

A monstrous octopus had
been spotted down below 

And the closer he got
the bigger he did grow

As he then reached out
his tentacles in the air 

The life boat was cast
with no time to spare

After he had taken
their pirate ship down

He kept on grabbing
for anything left aroun’

 And he got the parrot
as a pirate fought him off

Now at my little tale
have no mind to scoff

But rather heed the warning
of the perils at sea 

 Or in the octopus’ garden
buried there you’ll be!

Teresa Marie  1/28/12  © 



Princess and The Derfalings

(image source: wikipedia.com)

There once was a princess
ruling her kingdom of Derfalings

A land with giant creatures
some of them silly things

Who suddenly decided one day
a birthday party to throw

For when it truly was
no one seemed to know

So they planned to have
it to be a surprise

And a crazy excuse did
the four ringleaders then devise 

All went to the princess
saying her help they need

While begging her come along
to their cave with speed

Where others from the kingdom
were already there in hiding

When the princess began asking
what help they needed providing 

 And at that very moment
her subjects sprang out with glee

Presenting her with their gifts
wishing a birthday so happy

Which startled her at first
but then made her cry

As the Derfalings were searching
a tissue her tears to dry

“Thank you all so much
for what you have done

Now come on let’s party
and have a bit of fun!”

Teresa Marie 1/24/12  ©


Going Silly

(image source: photobucket.com)

I thought my eyes 
were going sorta silly

When I saw rising
up from a lily

Beauty of the morning
a water nymph divine

Feeling it must be
a fantasy of mine

 Or playing tricks on me
could have been the light

 I watched in wonder’s gaiety
as she took off in flight

Twisting and turning around
spinning cartwheels in air

She was the grandest vision
that I had seen anywhere

While I hid from sight
in the bushes tucked away

I found myself wishing
I could stay all day

But mother was calling
which the nymph heard

And so I backed up
not uttering a word

Smiling I skipped home
already planning my return

With hopes the trip would
another sighting of her earn!

Teresa Marie  1/23/12  ©