Painted Horse

(image source: Becca Givens)

Milly the painted horse
found in a day’s course

While she spoke with Myrtle
being herself a painted turtle

Relayed as a matter of fact
that she’d recently been attacked

When a bird in the air
down upon her did bear

Attempting to steal her Sady
the sweet little painted baby

Whom upon her back she carry
while Sady was eating a berry 

But Myrtle, ever so wise,
then upon little Sady dives

And as it she did tell
the bird bounced off her shell

At which point in her discourse
did Milly the big painted horse

 Interrupt her then to say
with a whinny and neigh

“If it ever happens again
call out to me right then

And both of you I’ll shield
from being that birds meal

Because you’ve got a friend
on that you can depend!”

In my painted world alive
as a fantasy that I contrive

By what I found on vacation
that had pricked my imagination!

Teresa Marie  12/19/11  © 

Mellow Yellow Monday – 03

by becca givens

Ogre Tea Party

(Image Source:

As I sat looking outside
and watching the fir trees blowing
my imagination took a ride
all without me even knowing

As then I found myself
in a forest of fir trees
with the sweet aroma of them
 floating around me on the breeze

‘Twas nothing else to do
but to start walking along
the path in front of me
while I whistled a happy song

After a little while passed
I found that I was nearing
a place of thinning trees
 opening to a tiny clearing

And I thought “What’s this?”
while beginning to rub my eyes
for what there I did see
came as such a big surprise

Yes, it was really there
in the woods ahead of me
the unbelievable wonder of
an ogre tea party

With pastries and little cups
and stuffed animals everywhere
as to them I called
“Have you any to spare?”

‘Twas not one bit afraid
when they both looked at me
as one of them jumped up
and began clapping with glee

Waving me to come over
I sat in a little chair
as they served me up
so eager and willing to share

We had the grandest party
that you could ever see
having the time of our life
those two ogres and me!

Teresa Marie  12/8/11


Free Write Friday; Finding Magic in YOUR Backyard


Mind Of Freedom

There once was
a little girl
Her hair shimmered
essence of pearl

Forced to live
in the forest
By a troll
as imprisoned guest

Upon his house
stumbled one day
When he then
hid her away

And kept her
as his treasure
For her beauty
gave him pleasure

In his world
of such ugliness
She added it
a ray of brightness

Her only friends
a few dove
And how them
she did love

Each and every
night she pray
God sent them
to carry her away

Under the troll’s
ever watchful eye
No way escape
she’d even try

But never gave
up her hope
The only way
that she cope

One day soon
her rescuers come
Taken out from
under his thumb

Then true happiness
she would find
Instead of only
freedom of mind! 

Teresa Marie  9/20/11


Fantasy Party

It was my birthday
and the party time
But nobody came
it was a crime

So I went outside
by the old tree
And took my book
to make a fantasy

My own pretend guests
did I then invite
I think you’ll agree
they were a sight

There’s good ole’ Abe
reading along with me
And we had cop to
keep us invader free

With my own version
of dinosaur to ride
We’ll play some games
my turn to hide

For hours and hours
we will party down
and this party hat
will be my crown

Nobody else can come
to my private party
 what fun they’ll miss
for them dissing me!

Teresa Marie  9/18/11

My Imaginary Friend

When I’m with
my imaginary friend
His long neck
he does bend

A kiss to plant
on my cheek
Which does tickle
and I squeak

Makes me laugh
he’s so funny
My best friend
is a dino-bunny

With a dinosaur’s neck
and stout body too
He will most anything
I ask him do

He has bunny ears
with a bunny tail
As a best friend
he does not fail

Together we giggle
’til we’re in tears
And he chases away
all of my fears

I see him
most every day
Outside we go
play and play

We always do have
the most incredible time
To give him up
would be a crime

My best friend
he’ll always be
This half dinosaur
and half bunny!

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

Stepping Through The Mirror

Stepping through the mirror
what a shock to see
when a whole other world
was there before me 

The people were real
and so finely gowned
almost screamed with glee
at what I had found

 They failed to notice
as they all talked
in the same direction
seemed everybody walked

I began to back up
not to draw attention
hand toward my face
I held in suspension

A most elegant glove
was donning my hand
as my foot caught
on my hem’s band

I thought what’s this
as I looked down
I saw my attire
a gorgeous ball gown 

I felt like Cinderella
and followed the crowd
to an elegant hall
where music played loud

As I entered in
they announced my name
when the royal prince
then did graciously exclaim

Now you have arrived
the wedding may begin
and I figured that
 heaven I was in

That’s when I awoke
‘twas a dream I’d seen
but what an adventure
it had truly been

Teresa Marie  9/16/11