Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

by frizztext


The Holy Cow

*image source: unknown (sent to me by my daughter)


The Pirates Fail

(image source: latoro.ru)

In a large ship
off the pirates sail

But little they did know
how badly they would fail

For when the high winds
all of a sudden died

Warnings from the crow’s nest
out to them were cried

A monstrous octopus had
been spotted down below 

And the closer he got
the bigger he did grow

As he then reached out
his tentacles in the air 

The life boat was cast
with no time to spare

After he had taken
their pirate ship down

He kept on grabbing
for anything left aroun’

 And he got the parrot
as a pirate fought him off

Now at my little tale
have no mind to scoff

But rather heed the warning
of the perils at sea 

 Or in the octopus’ garden
buried there you’ll be!

Teresa Marie  1/28/12  © 



Princess and The Derfalings

(image source: wikipedia.com)

There once was a princess
ruling her kingdom of Derfalings

A land with giant creatures
some of them silly things

Who suddenly decided one day
a birthday party to throw

For when it truly was
no one seemed to know

So they planned to have
it to be a surprise

And a crazy excuse did
the four ringleaders then devise 

All went to the princess
saying her help they need

While begging her come along
to their cave with speed

Where others from the kingdom
were already there in hiding

When the princess began asking
what help they needed providing 

 And at that very moment
her subjects sprang out with glee

Presenting her with their gifts
wishing a birthday so happy

Which startled her at first
but then made her cry

As the Derfalings were searching
a tissue her tears to dry

“Thank you all so much
for what you have done

Now come on let’s party
and have a bit of fun!”

Teresa Marie 1/24/12  ©


Mary and Barry

(image source: google.com/images)

As Mary and Barry
hand in hand walked

‘Twas all about the stars
and the moon they talked

And just how great that
it would be to fly

Up there with them
in the night sky

As owl read a story
to the porcupine aloud

‘Twas nothing that could
their happy moods cloud

The basket of apples
that Barry did pick

Sat upon the mound
ready for their picnic

And listening to stories
as the owl read

While the little group
was getting well fed

When the time came
for them to go home

‘Twas hand in hand 
together they did roam!

Teresa Marie  1/21/12  © 


The Fairy And The Moon

(image source: google.com/images)

The fairy and the moon
had a chat one night

Sitting among the clouds
there in the star’s light

About life on the earth
along with this and that

While floating on downy comfort
as they chewed the fat

Discussing how it was
that  silly human beings

Each thought they deserved
the finest of all things

And just at the idea
the both of them laughed

Then moon to fairy said,
“They must all be daft!”

To which the fairy replied,
“I really think it’s sad 

“For what they were given
they should be more glad!” 

Which then caused the moon
to pause for a just minute

When most suddenly he said,
“I don’t think they get it!”

“You know,” the fairy said
you just may be right!

“But do they not hear 
those angels singing tonight?

“Maybe I should go and
make sure that they do!”

As away the little fairy
into the sky then flew

To join the choir of angels
 so she could joyously sing

And tell all of the world
“Give glory to your King!”

Teresa Marie  1/21/12  ©

Babysitting On Gumdrop River

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

With mamaw and papaw babysitting
for the kids one night

Before their eyes they saw
the most tragic of sight

As they were all gazing
up at the starlit sky

And pretending into it
they would up and fly

‘Twas then that the moon
from out of it fell

Which left them standing there
aghast for just a spell

And so ’twas they decided
to sail down gumdrop river 

To retrieve that fallen moon
which was but a sliver

When it was not far
this little troop had gone

Down the darkened waters
sailing on a swan

They did come to find
what they were searching for

And lifted up that sliver
of moon to sky restore

As the children still awake
all shouted out in glee

That they’d be the heroes
to go down in history 

While mamaw and papaw smiled
at the children’s joyous glow

A memory for all time
  e’re that they would know

As they turned the swan around
and headed back for home

They discussed of what adventures
over which the world to comb!

Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©



The Frog & The Fairy

(image source: google.com/images)

The frog and the fairy
one day did converse

On why none were merry
in the magical universe

A wicked witch did very
their land of wonder curse

Feeding all a poison berry
how could it be any worse?

“I think I might know,”
the fairy did say

“Where we should go
to find out the way!”

But a foul wind did blow
as the sky turned gray

The evil power to show
of the witch that day

 Who was hovering near
and listening to those two

Just so she could hear
what they planned to do

When it became clear
that the fairy knew

The more and more fear
in the witch then grew

As suddenly the frog went
re-deep, re-deep, re-deep

 And fairy knew he meant
the secret she must keep

As the kingdom spent
a little time asleep

The wizard could prevent
the spell to further creep

Frog took fairy’s hand
into the sky they flew

For they did understand
now what they should do

To save all the land
and put an end to

What the witch had planned
and her evil spell undo!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©




No Monsters Here

(image source: latoro.com)

When the “princess” Penny
banned monsters from living

In her fantasy kingdom
her rule was unforgiving

And she would often
go out on patrol

From the highest hill
and checking in every hole

Penny showed no tolerance
for a monster anywhere

Nor would show kindness
when finding any there

So when she happened
to come upon Benny

With a scowling face
did the “princess” Penny

Take a tight grip
there upon his tail

And the poor monster
let out a loud wail

“Right this very minute
I’m ordering you out!”

Did the mean ol’ Penny
at the shaken Benny shout!

For he hadn’t succeeded
very well to hide

As he wiped the tears
and his face dried

“Please your highest highness
if you allow me

I’ll be best protection
your kingdom could ever see!!”

Which gave the “princess”
another train of thought

And after a just minute
decided that she ought

So an agreement ’twas
made between the two

That Benny got to stay
for his whole life through!

Teresa Marie  12/21/11 ©

A lesson in tolerance and cooperation


The Witches War

Once there were two witches
one good and other bad

That on one fine day
a war of magic had

For the wicked one said
to the one of good

“You won’t beat me
and you never could”

The white witch replied
“Good always triumphs evil

Save us both the time
and yourself the upheaval”

So that’s the way it was
as back and forth they went

Until every bit of magic
both of them had almost spent

When the good witch said
“I will now defeat you”

The wicked one sneered back
“Yeah, when pigs fly too!”

The good witch replied smiling
“I can arrange for that”

As over a pig flew
knocking off the wicked’s hat

“Good always triumphs evil
just exactly as I said”

While the pig broke into singing
“Ding-dong the witch is dead!”

Teresa Marie  12/9/11