A Gnome Alone

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

‘Twas far from home
that the little gnome
found himself all alone
in the forest to roam 

“Oh dear, oh dear,”
he thought in fear
when it became clear
no one was near


Then began the snow
to grow and grow
before long he didn’t know
which way he should go


When Birdies in a tree
the shivering gnome did see
with each other did agree
up there he should be


Down one of them flew
while saying “Hey there you
your face is turning blue
and your hair’s frozen too!” 


“Up with us do climb.”
to him a thought divine
their warmth he found sublime
and fell asleep in no time!


Teresa Marie  1/21/12 ©



Run Little Darlin’

Just run my little darlin’
right into my open arms
I’ll swoop you off to Neverland
with all its magic charms

When to there with Tinkerbell
we will go to fly
up higher and higher
into the clear blue sky

We’ll play with Peter Pan
and all of the lost  boys
as Wendy bring us out
some of all their toys

We’ll dance with the indians
then with the mermaids swim
for there we can do anything
we fancy with each whim

Just imagine any kind of food
that we dearly love to eat
as it appears before our eyes
and we take our dinner seat

When the nighttime rolls in
there are hammocks in the trees
where we’re gently rocked to sleep
by the cool summer breeze

And as you drift to sleep
in your real room and bed
sweet dreams of all these things
will be running through your head.

Teresa Marie   8/6/11