Warning! New Way Used To Steal Cars Via Mom; PLEASE WATCH THIS – Unbelievable!!!

Three empty tin cans and 18 inches of wire, and your car is gone………………..amazingly simple.
Caught on a security camera in a parking lot… please watch how fast this happened.
Make sure your wife, husband, TEENAGERS, and all your friends see this!!
No sound, just watch. You will be flabbergasted. Okay, I think both men AND women should be aware of this. It COULD happen to anyone of us. If you notice he got away with her car, purse, and keys without touching her . Worst of all, she couldn’t even give a description of the person to the police (thankfully there wasn’t a child in the car.) I hate to admit it, but I could see myself doing exactly what she did. I’m glad I saw this video. Please watch and pass it on.


Scary how devious these criminals are!!