Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

by frizztext

Poetry Picnic Week 27: Spring Break, Vacations, Favorite Colors, First Kiss; Rainbow Display



Radiance – A-Z Alphabet Challenge: R-Archives

Radiance is found 
in every rainbow

Comprised of the colors
that through it flow 



We all use them
To change what’s gray

And brighten the world
in our own way



They can be
found most anywhere

To ease our
times of despair







I’ve found color
relieves my strain

That in joy
I can remain




As the world
becomes ever dim

Chance for hope
starts getting slim





If in color
life we live

What to others
may we give

It just might
the reason be

God gave rainbows
for us to see!


Teresa Marie  1/24/12 © 


Color; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: C-Archives

image source: photobucket.com


color found

in a rainbow


find me

there must go!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©




Painted Through

image source: photobucket.ocm

You’ve colored my world
that once was gray

By painting it through
all along the way

Bringing it to life
and making it bright

While giving to me
a wealth of  delight

What I had thought
was all but dead

You’ve brushed with blue,
green, yellow and red 

Although your masterpiece
is not yet done

I know that I
have already won!

Teresa Marie  1/6/12 ©

Color My World Hay(na)ku



rainbow hues

color my world

Teresa Marie  12/19/11 ©

Beauty And Color

You gave beauty and color
to a dying flame
and reignited my life
when into it you came

When your handsome face
I saw the first time
I wanted either to run
or to make you mine

Now that you are 
I think of that day
you brought back life
from out of decay

By returning my flame
done up in rainbow hue
I’ll never be the same
 darling because of you!

Teresa Marie  11/21/11

Splashes of Color

life is filled with
great splashes of color

as they are mixed
all one and another

world could be fixed
by loving our brother

who was born of
a different colored mother

As with the old
or with the youngster

what would life be
without splashes of color?

Teresa Marie  11/19/11

A lesson in diversity