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My Own Personal Love Letter Request/Campaign

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First of all, just let me say, Abi, I hope that you don’t get upset with me for doing this but I am so worried about you that I will risk you being mad at me for the benefit that I believe this will be for you.


Many of you already know my relationship with a fellow blogger of ours that is more than just a passing one, she is my “adopted” daughter and I love her dearly, Abi at chicpress.

She has been through a lot in her short years on earth and has yet again suffered a loss in her life.

Even I don’t know all of the details of what has happened as of this day, I do know by the poems she has written that she is drowning in her suffering and I am desperate to help her feel that she has value and worth in this world over and above what this one particular person held for her.  God, help me make sense in how I am saying this.

I don’t feel it is my right to discuss her personal life, those of you who are familiar with her, as I know that many of you are, already have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.  Please help me surround her with our love and thoughts today!  I so want to help ease her pain, will you help me?

Please stop by and visit her at:

I love you, Abi, and please forgive me if I’ve overstepped my bounds!!!

Huge hugs and kisses,




I Have Found

It’s in your arms
comfort I have found

When I’m in need
you wrap them around

It’s in your eyes
beauty I have found

For on a pedastel
my feet you’ve ground

It’s in you words
your gentleness I’ve found

To be so great
it truly does astound

It’s in your heart
my place I’ve found

And it is forever
our love shall abound!

Teresa Marie   10/2/11 

Week 7 Theme: Love and Love lost, Submission #1

In Spring’s Early Morn

In Spring’s early morn
at once faith re-born

Angel made of light
appeared before my sight

Swooping down rescued free
from death claiming me

Infusing me with love
exceeding any dreamed of

Heart with joy elated
with peace body pulsated

The comfort of devoted
angel through me exploded

Lifted me from despair
until I didn’t care

Though she went away
memory does forever stay

Etched on my soul
until again I’m whole!

Teresa Marie  9/21/11

In My Light

In My Light
there’s comfort
Let it ease
your pain

In My Light
is life
And it will
you sustain

In My Light
is love
Take all that
it contain

In My Light
is peace
When in it
you remain

In My Light
is joy
To make you
sing again

In My Light
is everything
For you I
did ordain!

Teresa Marie  9/17/11

For my dearest Abi,
I hope this is of comfort to you,
with all my love!

If I Know What Love Is

I only know what love is
because it’s what you show
when my lips you kiss
and make my world glow

My darling, because of you
I know what it does mean
to travel this life through
unharmed by what I’ve seen

It is the love you give
that helps me face each day
for I know I’ll always live
in your comforting arms to stay 

If I know what love is
it is only because of you
who has given me a bliss
I never thought was true

With the love you’ve shown me
by doing the smallest of things
my heart’s been set free
as with joy it sings

I know the gift He gave
when God had sent me you
again my life to save
because He loves me too!

Teresa Marie  7/1/11