Update, New Clay Pic’s and DIY Craft Room Organization

Hi everybody.  I got a call from mom yesterday and she had talked to my brother.  He is going through aggressive chemo’ treatments daily (for 45 days I think she said) and is doing as well as he can with them 😦  Just taking it one day at a time.  She said that they are in no hurry to come back from Florida since it’s in the 80’s down there but thinking around mid-April.

Okay, don’t laugh at my handiwork technically speaking.  I had a kitchen table in here before and it took up way to much of my limited space.  When the grandkids were here, they had to pick their way through and I worried about something getting knocked off.  (Shouldn’t have been so worried about them and more about Mark!  He just knocked off one of the fairies you will be seeing in a minute and broke it in 4-5 places 😦  I glued it back together again, guess that’s a keeper.  Anyway,  I was browsing Pinterest boards one day and came across a tutorial on how to take an old chest-of-drawers and convert it for storing supplies (of course theirs were all nicely decorated, fresh paint…).  I’m not trying to win any contests or anything, lol!

I have a few new things to show you that I’m just finishing up on too.  Hope you like them.

Peace, love and blessings to one and all!!!!!  Terri

P.S.  Mark bought me a new desk on the condition that he didn’t have to put it together.  K-Mart had these “Ladder Desks” on sale for $71 clearance.  Sara and I did it all by ourselves!!  Except for the drawer, she and her boyfriend did that for me 🙂  It freed up a huge amount of space and there are not any danger spots now where things will be knocked off.

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–  Okay guys, I’m gonna let you all in on what I’m working on.  I have a dream!  Since I started working with the clay last fall I noticed some things:  it helps my brain communicate better with my hands; it boosts my mood; helps my depth perception; makes my brain work in a straight line to follow directions on tutorials; strengthens my grip; keeps my hands from stiffening up, therefore reducing pain; and more.  Unfortunately, when I can’t afford to buy any clay, the effects start reversing.

So I began my quest with trying to find a clay supplier who would offer a good discount to artists with disabilities.  While I was waiting for their replies, the dream began to form.  I met last Sunday with the lady that lives across the street from mom and dad.  She has had MS for, I think she said, over 15 years and her’s is not the recurring/remitting kind like mine.  She just continually gets worse.  She used to be on the board of the local MS Society and is very knowledgeable about what kind of assistance is out there for us.  I told her about my problem with keeping myself supplied with clay on a consistent basis.  She gave me a whole “to do” list of places to call and get applications from.

While I was waiting for the clay companies and the apps, I went to my doctor for a check up and told her about all of this and she gave me a signed statement to use stating that is was a part of my routine for therapeutic reasons.  After I left there, I started thinking, if I am getting this much benefit from this activity, wouldn’t other MS patients get similar results?  That started a bonfire of activity in my brain.  I got back on my Yahoo and sent out a couple more e-mails to the manufacturers.  One of them contacted me back within the same day asking for a more definitive calculation of my needs.  I shot one back to them and I’m waiting on their reply.  Here is what I laid out for them:

My ultimate goal is to get working with clay to be a recognized physical/neurological/emotional therapy and fully support it.  I need just one manufacturer to commit to being our corporate sponsor and supplying us with X amount of clay per year to use in workshops for MS patients.  Then I will go to the equipment manufacturers and get one of them to agree in supplying X amount of equipment per year.  We in return will publicly advertise their support of our program.  Twice a year we will hold a big wing ding of an auction, televised and all that jazz, to sell the things that are made by said MS patients with the proceeds going back into the MS Foundation/Society for their funding of research for a cure.

Say a prayer that this supplier with come up with an agreement for me!!!  The e-mail from them sounded very promising indeed 🙂  That’s my dream and the reason behind my poem today.

Love to you all!!

Peace and blessings, Terri


Last But Not Least, From The Clay Room

I’ve got a few new creatures for you to look at and then I’ve started working on my caning again.  I love doing it but it’s so hard for me to reduce them once then are done.  With my MS diminished strength and grip, I can’t seem to be able to apply equal pressure on both sides when I doing it and that causes the clay to move differently from one to the other 😦  Don’t know if there is a solution for that.


IMAG0353 IMAG0072 IMAG0073 IMAG0306 IMAG0311 IMAG0315 IMAG0317 IMAG0320 IMAG0322 IMAG0323 IMAG0325 IMAG0326 IMAG0328 IMAG0329 IMAG0330 IMAG0331 IMAG0333 IMAG0334 IMAG0335 IMAG0336 IMAG0337 IMAG0338 IMAG0342 IMAG0343 IMAG0344 IMAG0345 IMAG0346 IMAG0347 IMAG0348 IMAG0349 IMAG0350 IMAG0352

Update On Dad and some New Pics

First, about dad.  Well, now that we know he is cancer free, he decided to go ahead and have the back surgery done to put “cement” in the fractures of his spine.  The only thing that I worry about is being put under at his age.  I don’t know how long it’s been since he’s had any surgery, if ever, and that’s always a touchy area.  But, I am never without hope.  As always asking for a quick prayer to be said for him.

Okay, now some new pictures to show you:

Some new little critters:

Aren’t they darling?





















I made these for Mark's daughter and now Shawna wants some too, lol!
I made these for Mark’s daughter and now Shawna wants some too, lol!
My flower fell flat 'cause I forgot to put tin foil under the petals when I baked it, darn it!
My flower fell flat ’cause I forgot to put tin foil under the petals when I baked it, darn it!
Not sure about this monkey.
Not sure about this monkey.
Pucker up?
Pucker up?
My owl's a little chubby, my proportions got off a bit here.
My owl’s a little chubby, my proportions got off a bit here.
My first flower attempt.
My first flower attempt.
i dropped my lion and broke off half of his hair, yikes!
i dropped my lion and broke off half of his hair, yikes!
Baa Baa little tan sheep?
Baa Baa little tan sheep?









This little set is of a dragon that I just finished.  It is my own design, how do you think she turned out?  I call her “Queenie” due to space concerns, theIMAG0303 IMAG0301 IMAG0300 IMAG0305se are thumbnail size but you can click on the



picture to enlarge it)     IMAG0299

Trying some new things continues; CLAY FIGURINES


I am having so much fun with these fugures!!  I think that I like doing them even more than the jewelry  🙂

il_570xN.473302040_vn8u il_570xN.473302182_ftfs il_fullxfull.473294944_iup7 il_fullxfull.473295470_obx7 IMAG0090 IMAG0109 IMAG0120 IMAG0205 IMAG0208

IMAG0243 IMAG0065 IMAG0239

First One for 2013

Hi to all my friends!!  My first post for 2013.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.  You know how mine was going 😦 but this year is already getting better, thank the dear Lord!!

My check finally arrived on the 4th and I was able to actually get the gas company to fill our tank that same day.  The first thing Mark said was “Crank up that heat!!”  We are now warm and cozy.

Dad came home from the hospital last Friday and is doing better mentally since he got home.  He always seems to get so disoriented when he’s not there.  They don’t know for sure when they will be able to leave for Florida but are hoping for sometime next week.

Penny is doing better.  She has been released to drive now and that helps just knowing that she can go somewhere if she needs/wants to without having to have someone else take her.  She feels less like a burden.

I got a special treat last week too.  I was checking our stats on the shop and there was a message showing.  When I opened it, I was delighted to find an invitation.  It was from Main Street Artisans.  They asked if we would be interested in joining their group of artisans and displaying some of our “art” in their online store.  I asked them to e-mail me the particulars and said I was honored that they would like to include us.

When I received the info, I was thrilled to find out that it is actually a local shop and they have invited us to put stuff in that shop as well.  We can either rent a booth or do it on consignment.  Isn’t that cool?!!

I had been working on some new clay techniques anyway and thought I would share a few things with you today along with the update.

First up are some jewelry sets that I created using canes I bought from a lady on Etsy.  I even made rings to match with these sets.

IMAG1267 IMAG1269 IMAG1270 IMAG1271 IMAG1272 IMAG1274 IMAG1276 IMAG1277 IMAG1278 IMAG1280 IMAG1279 IMAG1281

And now, these are from canes that I made.  The first two sets are pins with matching earrings.

IMAG1288 IMAG1289 IMAG1290 IMAG1286 IMAG1285 IMAG1284 IMAG1298 IMAG1297 IMAG1295 IMAG1292_

I hope you enjoyed the display as much as I did creating them.

Thank you for your prayers and support over the last few months, they helped tremendously!!!  Looks like this year has gotten of to a much better start and I am encouraged that it will continue on that path! 

Love and hugs to you all, God bless,


The Latest and Greatest

Hi everybody!!  

Let me start with dad.  He is getting better, more alert and mobile.  The compressed vertebra near his tailbone is killing him but that’s better than having a broken back, which is what they first thought.

Thank you everyone who has sent their love, thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!  They have helped tremendously.

I have been working my tail off on getting together a little e-catalog of my items for sale that I can send off to people upon request. 

It’s been an experience trying to learn how to use this camera, get the pictures downloaded, fine tuned and view able.  

Once I get that done, I will have to work up a price sheet to attach to it all.  But, in the meantime, I thought I would share some of it with you all.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Puzzle Wall Hangings (I haven’t worked out how I’m gonna frame them or what I’ll use but have a few cool ideas):

Here are some of the clay items (better pictures this time, I hope):

Have I overloaded you yet?

Here are some of the regular things I’ve done too:

That should give you a good idea of what will be included in “catalog”, lol.   

I’ve been very hard at work.  It’s extremely time-consuming and I apologize for ignoring my friends during this time but, with Christmas fast approaching, I have to get this done.  Honestly, I should have been working on it for the last 6 months since it takes me longer than normal people to accomplish some of this stuff due to the MS interference with cognitive and motor skills 😦

Anybody who would like to receive an e-catalog to look at, just let me know where to e-mail it to and I will be happy to provide you one.  I will try my best to keep up with your comments and delete the address from showing to the public.

My greatest love and hugs to you all!!

God bless, Terri

My Jewelry Creations!

Okay, I finally figured out my phone and downloaded some of my jewelry creations onto my computer.  As I promised to some, I will start sharing some of them with you.  I hope you like my designs!!  I am going to do the pics in thumbnail size on this post but you can click to enlarge the ones you want to see better 🙂

There are a couple of pieces in here that were not designed from scratch but rather something that I purchased, tore apart and re-designed.