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I wrote this for Sara almost a year ago. I ran across it today, revised it a little and now want to share it with you again!

What about God?

I like walking in the rain, because no one sees me crying. – Unknown

When I am sad
when I am blue

Walking in the rain’s
 what I like to do

If I get wet
I don’t even care

And it doesn’t matter
if at me people stare

‘Cause this I know
they can’t see me cry

I don’t have to answer
when they ask me why

I walk in the rain
so I can cry alone

And the pain I feel
I keep to my own.

Teresa Marie   8/26/11 – 6/22/12 ©

From another of Sara’s favorite quotes

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A Wednesday Thought From Faye Landrum

Blubbering Fool; Listen and Write – Adele – Someone Like You

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The stench of beer and pizza from several days ago lingered in the man cave.  Nathaniel had lost his job and he felt his entire life slipping away.  The girl he was in love with was dating someone else, not that he had ever bothered to share his feelings with her.  He knew he wasn’t good enough for her.  She was looking for marriage, a family, a life he could never provide, but she had always been there for him, a glowing possibility that he worried would soon no longer exist.  No one would have pegged him for an Adele fan, but something in her voice, something in this song spoke to him.  He would never find someone else like Aniela, but bravado and pride had him mouthing the words in the darkness of his man cave.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

As Nathaniel sat there
and mouthing the words
that Adele was singing

 The meaning of it all
a new train of thought
to his mind bringing

While the melody
and her superior voice
in his ears were ringing

He considered them
to be meant for him
 his eyes began stinging

And he couldn’t stop
tears from welling up
as he began crying

“What a blubbering fool
you are a stupid man
for never even trying”

For any other thought
wouldn’t be the truth
and he would be lying

As he hit the repeat
to hear the song again
he felt his heart dying

With his head in hand
the tears falling fast
as it started to play

He couldn’t help thinking
of all the things that
to her he didn’t say

And now another man
was there in her life
to steal her heart away

As he just sat here
in his man cave
and hitting the replay!

Teresa Marie  2/13/12 ©

Listen and Write – Adele – Someone Like You

by Ermilia

With Rain Pouring (Haiku)

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With rain pouring down
amid the tears of crying
fairies came to me

There without a sound
they set to my face drying
tender as can be

The shades there of brown
that had been my soul trying
all seemed to then flee

As rainbow hues found
now danced away my sighing
in their joy to see!

Teresa Marie  12/29/11 ©