Internet Friend – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 8

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However can I choose one
to pick of all you
for there is no way
that this I can do

I have so very many
new friends that I’ve met
since I first started posting
this blog on the net

And truly I do cherish
each of you out there
while I personally have started
with some my life to share

Want you all to know 
what to me you mean
because you are the best
and there’s no in between

Thank you all for being
so caring and so kind
for without all of you
I’d have lost my mind!

Teresa Marie  1/26/12 ©

Before All Of You

Before all of you

Friends had become few

Those I once knew

Faded out of view


Before all of you

The loneliness that grew

Through my life blew

Like a wornout shoe


This rose I give to

My friends old and new

Because I value you

And the things you do!


Teresa Marie  11/2/11


My Sunday Morning Thoughts – Friends, Old and New

Friends, whether old or new, are a valuable gift that God gives us to help smooth the way through this life that we live here on earth. 

Usually undervalued in our adolescence, taken for granted in younger years, finally appreciated in mid-life and dearly missed in elder days.

There are acquaintances, friends, close friends and those who become like family.

Over the years, I have had plenty of them all and wasted most of them.

There are those who don’t give me a second thought, those who bear me no ill-will, those who remember me fondly and would be glad to see me if out paths should cross and then there are some whom I’m sure dearly miss me.

I had to break a lot of close friendships when I got away from the alcohol scene and then again when Mark and I removed ourselves from the drugs.  I miss some of those people a lot at times.

There are a few that are not of that culture anymore, for whatever reasons, that I have renewed friendship with. 

There are new friends that I have made and new kids that I have “adopted”.  Some are real and others are “cyber”, but all are cherished for what they are – gifts!

Some of you may remember me talking about one such “adopted” child of mine who recently got out of prison for vehicular manslaughter.  A tragic case that resulted in two deaths and several lives destroyed.  At the same time, there was a life saved in the outcome – his.  I have no doubt that his life was probably saved in the long run by this event as mine was by the MS.  I will be thrilled to see my “son” today when he comes to visit Sara and I on his “free pass” from house arrest.

He could not be any better to me than if he were my own biological son.  He still calls me “Mom” and never hangs up or says goodbye without saying “I love you, mom!”   He is gracious and solicitous.  He calls to “just check on me” and see how I’m feeling.  He has been very concerned about the current situation that is going on concerning myself and Sara and often calls to see how everything is going with that.  He is definitely family and one of the best people that my eldest daughter ever introduced me to.  (There have been a handful of her friends that have remained my “children” over the years.)

I must add as I close that I do have some new “cyber-children” that I have recently adopted that are also great gifts to me (and you all know who you are 🙂 ).  I have also met some very special new “friends” here in the cyber-culture that I would be a lesser person had I not met them.  You are all cherished!!!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

With love and blessings,