Beginning With Daughter

Boo-Hoo! “National Friendship” Post Removed

When I tried to bring this e-mail over to my blog, I thought it worked okay until I published it.  In preview, all of the pictures were there but published they were not.

So I went back and  saved all 12 of them, came to the post and tried to insert them only to find out that 8 of those 12 pictures didn’t save right and I can’t use them to fix this post – boo-hoo!

It was such a cute and thoughtful e-mail too!!

Anyway, Happy Friendship Week to all my cyber-friends out there!!



I Am Pleased to Announce…

I am pleased to announce the return of my daughter, Sara, to her blog.  She wrote her first poem in quite a while today for her one of her best friends.  Please stop by, take a look and leave her a comment for encouragement.  Her web address is:

You might see a resemblance in there, lol!

Thanks everybody ♥