Forever They’re Mine

Ever To Reside

Demon Son

Dragon Deep

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Dragon of red
among the dead

In caverns deep
your treasures keep

You demon spawn
from the beyond

From days old
collecting your gold

In abandon greed
with hasty speed

Your coffers swell
there in hell

Left wanting more
what you adore

Your every action
brings no satisfaction

When is no peace
for the wicked beast

From the dawn
until time’s gone

In the pit remain
trapped in your pain!

Teresa Marie  1/4/12  ©

The Apparition After Me

From the apparition in
my nightmare  it seem

Which did shimmer, shake
and in whiteness gleam

There was no escape
that could be seen

As in my trembling
I began to scream

Trying my hardest
to just get away

As behind me floated
to my utter dismay

This ghost of terror
from a world of gray

Where no innocent life
was meant to stay

I knew she wanted
to take my soul

And that was her
  one and only goal 

 As a backward glance 
over my shoulder I stole

Before I fell into
a deep, dark hole

 With an evil laugh
she came after me

I was as terrified
as I ever could be

I prayed that another
day I would see

As an angel came
 to save my eternity

Between it and me
my guardian did stand

With a golden sword
held in her hand

In some kinda language 
that I couldn’t understand

She gave that demon
a most firm command

And when I’d thought
I was about to die

My Father in heaven
had heard my cry

Sending me an angel
on whom to rely

Telling me He listens
if only praying I try!

Teresa Marie   11/26/11 

The War Over You

For every angel
That’s around you

There’s a demon
Right there too

 And for each
Only one aim

One to protect
The other claim

As they war
Over your soul

One eats away
At their goal

Through temptation
Leading to sin

Eternal damnation
Hope to win

The other one
Watches over you

As God has
Ordered them to

And through conscience
Do they speak

To guide us
When we’re weak

 When you choose
Wrong or right

Hear the angel
Within the Light

 If it’s wrong
You will know

Because your heart
tells you so

Who will win
depends on you

And the things
That you do

For this war
At life begun

Will not end
‘til life’s done!

Teresa Marie   9/22/11

The Poetry Palace Week 52 submission

My Saturday Thoughts – Demons Among Us

Ever since the fall of Lucifer and his angels, ever since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden, we have been subject to the attacks of the demon world.  Have you ever done something that you knew you shouldn’t and later wondered, “Why in the world did I do that?”, because it was totally out of character for you?  I believe that we commit some sins because of demonic influences.  Other sins that we have committed are purely out of rebellion, but where does that tendency for rebellion stem from?

I’m not, by any means, trying to say the old Flip Wilson line of, “The devil made me do it!”  That is a cop-out.  Ultimately it is our choice to perform an act of any sort.  All I’m trying to put out there for your consideration is this, be wary!  As the Bible tells us, “the adversary looks to and fro for whom he can devour”, or something like that. 

The only way that Satan can have his “kingdom” and be “worshipped” is to influence us into sinning against God.  But, as a countermeasure, we have His grace and the offer of redemption from the Son.  When we do sin, by the death of our Lord Jesus, we have forgiveness and may be reconciled with our Father.  It is all a matter of choice, free will. 

What we have to realize and be on constant guard about is the demons among us.  If we could see the spiritual world around us like we do this everyday one, it would terrify us into paralysis.  We would be too scared to function and that’s probably why we can’t. 

It is not something that we often think about or even believe in today’s society but I’m here to tell you that Satan and his demons are a real as you and me.  I have seen them.  I have felt the evil and hatred that is the very essence of hell.  I was terrorized by them momentarily, but I quickly remembered that we have the God-given power over them through Christ Jesus.  By His blood, through His death and resurrection, hell does not have the ultimate power over the human race.  But, as Father Lucas said in the movie “The Rite”, “Choosing to not believe in the devil doesn’t protect you from him.”  I do more than believe that he’s real, I know it for a fact.  Which do you choose, belief or unbelief?  Think about it ’cause eternity never ends!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Humbly yours,
Teresa Marie