Tormenting Souls

Fallen Angels (Revisited)

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Fertile Ground

And Hell Erupted On Earth – This Week’s Picture it & Write

Tourists crowded the space like a herd of cattle. I set up my easel and exposed my paints to the scene before me. Together we would create a masterpiece landscape. I raised the quivering tip of my paintbrush to the blank canvas but a tremor threw me out of my chair. My easel fell to the ground like a wounded animal, bleeding paint. Another tremor disturbed the ground. I suddenly registered that people were screaming. The rush of footsteps created a sinister murmur. This couldn’t be happening, I thought,the volcano is dormant. I was frozen to the spot. People bustled me to the side. Those who didn’t get up were trampled. The screaming halted for a moment. A deafening roar exploded from the picturesque landscape.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And hell erupted on earth
rising up from the core

Spewing it’s vilest poison
lapping tongue of a whore 

Forked in demonic nature
ragged horns jutted forth

Ashes up from the pit
foul winds blowing them north

The screams all around me
were nothing to even compare

To the anguish I heard
crying for me to beware

As the multi-headed dragon
from within the lava arose

While there came a great wailing
as a mother in birth-pain throws

Beside it were a thousand demons
whose putrid stench filled the air 

 Vomited out of the pit
with Armageddon to declare

Then I woke up gagging
nostrils holding the smell

From that most frightening scene
of the world’s coming hell

“Dear God, dear God, dear God,”
I then began to pray

“Leave me not behind
to face that Judgement Day! 

But rather my dear God
this I beg of Thee

If You would only allow
that ‘chosen’ I would be!” 

Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Poetry Picnic Week 24: Free Linking

Cut Off

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There have been many times
that I’ve felt cut off

When I’ve believed the world 
does merely at me scoff

When I’ve been brushed aside
run over in their haste

Because it seems they think
what I’m doing is a waste

I feel like I’m dangling
high up above the pit

And the demons down below
are yelling, “Go for it!”

As an angel is whispering
“You can’t make it alone!

God has not left you
out here on your own!”

While there on other side
my dreams I can see

Are shining like a beacon
as a temptress luring me

And there lying in between
 a chasm, a great divide

While I teeter on the edge
as I’m trying to decide

“Don’t act a foolish imp!”
I hear my angel say

“For you know deep down
the answer and the Way

Don’t listen to any of
those voices down below

To fulfill all your dreams
you know where to go!”

Teresa Marie  12/20/11  ©


Ghostly Dance

Apparitions through

graveyard prance

Movement in

ghostly dance

Cold whispers

through night

Spines chilled

warmth despite

Ghostly demons

working darkness

Evil desires

souls to distress


Coming forth

beholding night


Frantic to flee

from the Light!

Teresa Marie  12/12/11

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The Dark Shepherd

He walks the night
in search of prey
for the most weak
that he might slay

Works through deception
to the innocent beguile
with his only aim
their soul to defile

For he does shepherd
the way into hell
that in damnation forever
with him they dwell

If he comes near
run as far away
as you can get
with him don’t play

He’s the vilest evil
of demons there be
don’t take any chance
with your eternity 

There’s only One Shepherd
Who is our Lord
to follow any other
you can ill afford!

Teresa Marie  9/20/11

The Voices Calling Me

Felt someone was watching me
in the middle of the night
Wondering who it could be
gave me such a fright
Voices calling out to me
I turned on the light
But nothing do I see
as my fear took flight

From the bed I arose
walking to the top stair
Felt someone was very close
it gave me quite a scare
Heart pounding a healthy dose
of blood to my hair
As on my arm it froze
standing straight up in the air 

The voices clearly calling me
to come to them outside
The trembling began to be
more than I could hide
In evening fog couldn’t see
as the fear I ride
In waves coming over me
just like an ocean tide

Couldn’t take it very long
before I had to go
The panic became too strong
thought my heart would blow
I didn’t care what’s wrong
or even want to know
Here I just didn’t belong
as the anxiety did grow

Then a different voice I heard
saying, “Yes, please now hurry!”
And so without another word
I then began to scurry
It all seemed so absurd
’til I felt something furry
As if feathers on a bird
as they spread and flurry

Gave out a little shout
as the fog I did clear
And when I turned about
’twas an angel standing near
Of this I’ve no doubt
she fiercely held a spear
And with it pointed out
while saying not to fear

 As I then turned around
 I could only just stare
‘Cause what I had found
is the truth I declare
The voices and every sound
that came from anywhere
From many demons did abound
who were now standing there!

Teresa Marie   9/15/11



As I gaze at my reflection
in the ripples on this pond
I am filled with introspection
of the life I’ve moved beyond

I refuse to ever go back
to how I used to be
when courage I did lack
to escape from the misery

That fear has no place
in who I am today
the demons I did face
those days long gone away

My heart is now full
of His love and peace
and my senses are dull
to the pain I dd release

Gifts to me He gave
both the great and small
held strength to be brave
enough that I would crawl

My way through the darkness
that had so engulfed me
out into the holy brightness
of His love and liberty!

Teresa Marie  8/27/11



Beware of the seductress I say
with all her wiles and charm
she has led many men astray
and did their souls great harm

I just think you should know
if you don’t listen to me
the things to you she’ll show
are not all there is to see

She will give you temporary pleasure
but won’t let it be known
the sins you commit will measure
what suffering awaits you alone

If you let her seduce you
too late you will then find
the payment for what you do
is more than a little unkind

My son, please listen to me
because I do love you so
from temptation you must flee
before it has time to grow

The devil wants to trick you
he wants your soul to claim
anything his demons will do
to lead you into his shame

A seductress will always be there
who may lead you into cheating
  when in her temptations you share
the reward is ever so fleeting

Even if you don’t get caught
just remember that God does see
in your haste you may have forgot
there’s hell to pay for eternity! 

Teresa Marie  8/14/11