Love Isn’t Easy

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The Heart Sustains

Created As Forever

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Desire; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: D-Archives



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Is desire

Of my soul


This world

Be made whole!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©

Love – Tuesday’s Haiku

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Love ignites the fire

that burns between you and me

sparked by desire!

Teresa Marie  1/10/12 ©

You Know

You know you’re in love
when your heart beats madly

And you can’t get enough
of each other’s company


When their touch you crave
and their face to see

And when you’re finally together
the world ceases to be


When your lips then meet
it is such sweet ecstasy

When you give to another
all you have for free


That’s when you know
that it’s for eternity

‘Cause this is just how
it happened to me


Teresa Marie  9/5/11

And I knew, love you Babe!


My passion stirred
with words heard

Igniting the fire
deep longing desire

Yours am I
with breathless sigh

As a dream
does this seem

What I feel
can’t be real

This love exists
my heart insists

So you may do
what you want to

Take of me
for eternity!

Teresa Marie  8/31/11

My Love, I’ll Never Forget

Poetry Potluck Week 48 Theme:
Passionate Nights of Love

My love, I will never forget
the first time our lips met

When love we fell into
and hot our desire grew

In passionate love we lay
together on our wedding day

Your caresses on my skin set
like the softest kind of velvet

As I shivered with every touch
until it all became too much

Through trembling lips I did sigh
that in ecstasy I could die

How closely you held me
said this is no fantasy

You are the love of my life
I’m blessed to be your wife!

Teresa Marie  8/14/11

I Love You Because

I love you because
of all that was

For what has been
and what came inbetween

What was once immature
seemed fleeting and unsure

Based upon my need
for your love to feed

Over time has grown
into what is known

As stable and mature
a love that shall endure

And will stand the test
as time throws it’s best

My need now for you
runs deep and is true

No matter what life does
I love you just because!

Teresa Marie   6/22/11



Greatness Desired

God prepares great men for great tasks by great trials.

J. K. Gressett


Is greatness what you desire
to be recognized of man?
And for this to transpire
have you made a plan?

Is it because of pride
this greatness that you endeavor
or are you trying to hide
your insecurities for whatever?

The reason that I ask you
these questions one and all
is for this greatness to ensue
your pride will have to fall.

So now you must prepare
for the task that’s ahead
and trials will you ensnare
when you lie upon that bed.

You must go through the fire
and there’s pain will you endure
before the greatness you desire
will come to you for sure.

Look at the Son of Man
as a prime One of example
Who conceded to God’s plan
when His trials were so ample.

The pride inside of you
will first have to die
as you bear your cross too
’til unto the Father you cry!

Teresa Marie   4/27/11