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We were given the task of making our resolution lists for next year, but mine is more like a wish list ’cause I don’t ever do the resolution thing.  It has always been to me like setting myself up for letting myself down.  Though now my husband is making all kinds of “helpful” suggestions on what I could put on my list, I am ignoring him, lol!  So here is my wish list:

The kiss, of bliss

A life, without strife

The hope, to cope

New year, no fear

To restart, my heart

We begin, to win

His grace, to retrace

New song, sing strong

Feel free, to be

A year, no tear

But love, full of

And there find, a peaceful mind!

Teresa Marie  12/16/11 ©


Free Write Friday;

by Kellie Elmore


Siren Of The Sea

I am the siren
of all the sea

Standing on the rocks
you will find me

I beckon the sailors
as they sail by

With a haunting song
unto them I cry

“Look my brave men
see me on the shore,”

“Come in to me!”
to them do I implore

“I offer you pleasure
if you just come in,”

“Gaze upon my beauty
my love you may win”

And with my allure
to them do I insist

For the burning desire
they just can not resist

As they sail in
I give them a smile

For upon my rocks
their ship becomes a pile

Broken wood and dreams
as I gulp them all down

Because of sinful lust
in my sea they drown.

Teresa Marie  9/13/11


Soul Kiss

My soul you kissed
when lips first met

The love I missed
did upon me set

My soul, my soul
one kiss did heal

You made me whole
and heart did steal

Your kiss runs deep
to ignite my fires

Gave me to keep
all my wildest desires

Your kiss, your kiss
and all it contain

With its eternal bliss
will in my soul remain

Teresa Marie  8/29/11

Mark, I will love you until there are no stars in the sky (and beyond.)

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