picture it & write prompt # 29; Spinning in Slow Motion


I was afraid to blink. I couldn’t miss a single detail and yet it was so hard to identify anything in the inky darkness. Where was she? Golden orbs reflected from the city lights but only served to remind me how far she had taken me. I moved forward with jolting steps, I didn’t know where I was stepping. A road lamp far in the distance flickered, a female figure was standing there. Suddenly injected with adrenaline, I leapt forward and raced toward her. The wind whipped at my face until I began to shed tears. Her knees were buckling beneath her, her arms had fallen limp. I knew the moment she hit the ground she would shatter into a million pieces. With little hope I ran, waiting for not only the moment she would collapse but also my own.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Free Write Friday; When You Find Me; Freely Adapted

I didn’t have the memory on my monthly allotment left to watch the video prompt for this week’s FWF, but when I read the title of it – that held a special meaning for me in connection to my husband Mark.  So I wrote this poem to go with the title and not the prompt!  I hope you don’t mind Kellie!!!


#FWF – Free Write Friday; When You Find Me

by kellieelmore

Blood of Life – Haiku

(image source: dreamworlds.com)

The blood of our life
wrung out a drop at a time 
destiny the crime?

Teresa Marie  1/23/12 © 

Destiny Found – Haiku

(image source: google.com/images)

Destiny is found

Not by us looking around

Rather up instead

Teresa Marie  1/23/12 ©


Destiny – Hay(na)ku

image source: walpaper-s.org


everything happens

for God’s purpose.

Teresa Marie  12/29/11 ©

On The Bay

Standing here on the bay
as the hurt fades away
from the words you say
seems like it’s every day

Wondering what I should do
because my love for you
is fading from me too
for the pain’s never new

While to God I pray
to show me the way
that Him I not betray
if I leave you today

For what’s left of me
what it must now be
is from you to be free
for you’re not my destiny!

Teresa Marie  11/14/11
For Shawna Marie, I love you!



“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” –
Mary Anne Radmacher


By The Sea

Oh my darling love
where can you be?

I’ve been waiting here
standing by the sea

This is the day
you’re to marry me

For this loving union
is our true destiny

I stand here looking
your ship to see

Yet it hasn’t appeared
I’m beginning to worry

But I’ll wait darling
long as need be

Dear God, from fear
please set me free

Look over my love
bring him to me

We’ll say our vows
before man and Thee!

Teresa Marie  11/7/11


So Lonely

I’m so lonely Baby
think I’m going crazy

How I’m missing you
but nothing can do

While you are away
my mind does stray

I’m left to think of
the depth of the love

That to only me
you’ve given so selflessly

Since we first met
the more I get

Lonesome for you dear
and it becomes clear

What you mean to me
for you are my destiny!

For Mark, how I love you!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11